Start Fresh Today!













Today is a brand new day.

A day full of opportunity.

Regardless of your current situation you hold within you the ability to achieve amazing strides.

We are all given opportunities to choose our paths in life.

Often that task seems daunting but if we can keep the faith and just hold, victory is on the way.

Today you were given a gift that many were not given – the gift of life.

Every moment that we are allowed to stay on this earth is a gift which should not be taken for granted.

I have learned the hard way to walk in my purpose.


I learned about the fragility of our mortality the day I lost my son.

One thing I know for sure is that regardless of what your purpose may be or even if you

don’t know what your purpose is, there is a plan for your life.








There is overwhelming grace waiting to be received.

Just ask and it shall be given.

Know that you are not alone and everything worth having is worth working for.

You are one of his beloved.

You are very precious simply by virtue of your existence.

He left us with a comforter and we are NEVER alone.

 You will be amazed at the strength inside of you if you can just reach in there and pull it out.

What matters most is that you are loved by God, you cannot earn it and you cannot lose it.

Do not allow your past to determine your destiny.

Everyone has fallen short but what matters is that we get up.













There is a reason pencils have erasers,

keyboards have delete buttons

and phones have redial.











Remember, if you stumble and fall again (we all will),

it is an opportunity to learn and become a stronger, wiser person.

The ultimate sacrifice of life has been given – all we have to do is believe and press forward.

The strength will come.

Speak life over yourself. Sing, dance, scream if you need to, then breathe.

Feel that?

It’s the breath of life.

May God’s love and overwhelming grace shine upon you today and every day.


10 thoughts on “Start Fresh Today!

    1. Thanks again Susan. Today’s post was written mostly for myself as a reminder. I am struggling with some very angry women at wokr, and need to remember that I have choices, and that i am responsible for my happiness and actions, and that I cannot allow a person who is angry at the world, and mostly themselves to ruin my progress.
      I would love any suggestions you may have on that subject.
      God Bless.

      1. Difficult circumstances, to be sure. If it were me, I’d definitely be whispering His name all day long, and praying to the Holy Spirit to help me practice and embody his fruit in my thoughts, words and actions: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, generosity, gentleness, faithfulness and self-control.

        I do this on a daily basis and have found people asking me how I find peace in my own circumstances. Who knows – you may find people being drawn to you because of the Spirit’s peace you create around yourself. Might be an eventual opportunity to change hearts one heart at a time. ❤ Praying for you, my sweet friend.

      2. WOW. Thanks a MILLION!
        I made a really cute subway billboard with all of these words on it, and have posted on on my mirror, in my office, and on our family billboard. I love this plan.
        I will keep you updated.
        My school is full of angry and depressed teachers who are determined to find fault with each other. I will call upon the Lord to sustain me and keep these words in my mind and watch the Spirit work it’s beauty in my heart, and personality.
        You are such a wise and special friend.
        Thank you so much Susan.

  1. Amen sis! Love love your beautiful message. I’m so sorry for the lost of your son, but know that God really is using your pain to bless others. You are doing that now. Thank you for sharing! May God bless you.

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