What are you addicted to?

John Assaraf, recently wrote:

“The older I get (and hopefully wiser) I realize that some people are just happiest (or most comfortable) when they are miserable.










I know it’s an oxymoron but it’s true.

As I have gotten older and met different people from different walks of life, and as I have started sharing  the lessons and specific strategies for achieving happiness that have worked for me, I come across so many people who prefer to be right vs change so that they can actually life the life they say they want.


The drug of choice today is “Hopium

where people hope for things to get better and do nothing to help themselves

And the inflammation disease that many suffer from

is “Excuse-itis” an inflammation of the excuse gland.

Success is about learning how to do the right things, in the right order at the right time… and then …. Just do it!”

(End quote)



Sometimes, without consciously realizing it, we are addicted to suffering, trapped in our misery. Stuck in our story….the story that we just can’t (or don’t deserve) what we most desire.











And, it doesn’t have to be that way.


Stop for a moment and ask yourself,

“What am I waiting for to have the life I want and deserve?”

Is there a dream you have been holding?

You can make it happen.  

Is there something you would like to heal?

 You can create the healing.  

Is there something holding you back?

You can break through.

You are standing in the middle of a field of infinite possibility.











So how does one go from an addiction to “Hopium” to a life of freedom and bliss?


(Easier said than done right?!)

When we are truly happy in the moment of life, we feel full, complete, whole and satisfied.

Time stands still.

Clarity is in our hearts.

We LOVE life, others and ourselves.

We feel good and authentic inside.

And when we feel good, we do “good” in this world.

We share our overflowing happiness with others, which then recycles right back to us.

Our happiness is a gift to the world.

So if it is that simple – BE HAPPY – why do we make it so elusive, difficult and complex to achieve?

Because we have to let go of lots and lots of old patterns and LOOK within.

(We can’t blame our troubled pasts, current situations, or worried futures anymore!)

It is solely our responsibility to be happy:

it’s no one else’s job.










Money, status, material possessions, relationships, living environments, attractiveness, health, jobs, can all enhance our happiness but will not make us happy unless we are happy within first.

This means we need to begin to figure out who we really are;

what we truly want in this temporary experience we call life;

and what our “life’s work” or purpose is down here on planet Earth.

Once we are able to realize that…

It is our job to re-acquaint ourselves with our own internal happiness and begin to ask these questions about ourselves.

When we can do that, we are on our way to a blissful self-empowering, spiritual life, regardless of all our past, present, and future circumstances and problems.









To help you discover you own inner JOY…

I have created a list of ideas that you can utilize as a powerful tool

to help you end your very own addiction to “hopium”,

and relieve the pressure of your inflammatory disease, “excuse-itis”

Take a few of these every day and implement them into your life, and just watch as your Dependency begins to disappear, and in it’s place you will see REAL Hope. 

Real Change.

Real Emotion.

Some of the ways you can look within and BE HAPPY are…

  • Healing

  • Becoming our own best friend

  • Finding self-acceptance

  • Stopping the verbal wars that go on inside our heads

  • Being grateful

  • Releasing old stubborn resentments that only block happiness

  • Practicing acceptance of others and circumstances

  • Stopping “what if” and “worry” scenarios

  • Slowing down

  • Releasing judgments of ourselves and others

  • Letting go of expectations (no one is going to follow all our rules anyway!)

  • Showing up and being real and authentic (no more acting)

  • Honoring our emotions instead of stuffing them in a drawer

  • Becoming fluid in our thoughts

  • Stop playing the “seek approval from others” game

  • Accepting people and situations as is, not how we want them to be

  • Living in the moment

  • Allowing ourselves to be “awful” and make mistakes

  • Laughing! The best Prosac on the market

  • Having our “own backs” during the bumpy times

  • Trusting in a higher power and natural process of life

  • Being willing and ready

  • Stop controlling everything; we really don’t have that much control of anything!

  • Asking for guidance from our inner wisdom

  • Listening to our guts rather than our logical fears

  • Creating beauty

Happiness is the gateway to the spiritual being that resides within you.


images (1)








She is extra-ordinary,

full of life,


wise and compassionate.

Begin a relationship with her today!






8 thoughts on “What are you addicted to?

  1. Hello Hump/Dump!,
    Happiness is such a culturally loaded word. I choose to try to be optimistic and/or contented. I can not be happy and still be optimistic and have a level of contentment. We are as addicted to finding happiness, which no matter what we say, is either implicitly or explicitly left to some “objective,” standard established by the collective conscious, which is still heavily influenced by the materialistic paradigm we are living in.
    Great Post!!!

  2. Terrific post, Melanie, and great list to live by! I always think of happiness as something that comes from external things. Joy and contentment come from the internal, the intrinsic knowing of who – and Whose – we are. Have a joy-filled weekend. 🙂

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