How Art and Love are really the same thing…

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The Art of Love is the same as the Art of Anything.




Art can’t be done from the sidelines.

You have to dive in and get your hands dirty.
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And you can’t judge your art by comparing it to someone else’s art —

likewise your love is yours alone and without compare.

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Art makes the everyday extraordinary.

Love makes the everyday extraordinary.


There is no right way to make art or make love.


There is only YOUR way.

And this is what you were put on this planet to do — to bring the vision of your art to life — to bring the song of your love to life.

There’s never a right time.












Age is irrelevant.











NOW is your moment to create.








And in this lovely,


whistling act of creation,

you are IN love.


Keep making art and love and love and art in your own way with your own style in your own voice with your own hands using your own fire and earth and water and air.

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Keep working at it, even when it seems futile or boring or like no one appreciates it.

Keep working at it when you’re angry or bereaved.

And especially when you are  filled with the enthusiasm of a puppy.











Keep working on the art and the love.

toad and owl framed-1


And in this way and in this way,

when it is time for you to go,

we will still have your art

and your love

to keep us from feeling so lonely.





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