I AM extraordinary!

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Everyone has qualities that make them extraordinary. What are your talents that go far beyond ordinary? I’m sure you can come up with at least five. 😉

Extraordinary: Going beyond what is usual, regular, or customary. (definition from merriam-webster.com)

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4 thoughts on “I AM extraordinary!

  1. Hi Melanie!

    Greetings from Michigan! I told you on the Range Creek tour that I would be stopping by to visit.

    Congratulations on your wonderful website and blog. I aspire to have one in the next few months. Your work here is inspiring!

    Now…what qualities and/or talents do I have that make me extraordinary?

    1. SURVIVOR: I worked in the SAME middle school for 38.5 years…and survived. (Actually, I believe that I THRIVED because I loved it right up to the last day.)

    2. DANCER: At age 50, I started taking adult tap dancing lessons…a few years later I added clogging classes. (Last week was the beginning of my 16th year of tap dancing!)

    3. COMMITTED: My husband and I celebrated 40 years of marriage this past summer.

    4. RISK TAKER: As an ITMI Certified Tour Director I take students on trips to places like Chicago, Boston and Washington, DC.

    5. CURIOUS: My husband and I share an interest in visiting ancient earthworks and mounds here in the U.S. (When I met you, Melanie, we were on a tour of ancient pictographs and petroglyphs in Utah.)

    Thanks for the opportunity to participate in this process!

    1. Meeting you and the conversation we shared was such a gift.
      I do not believe in “chance meetings” especially when they are as surprising as ours was.
      The chances of us meeting each other on our own are astronomical! So that’s how I know our meeting was divinely orchestrated.
      I hope to continue this new friendship for years.
      God Bless!

      1. A friend of mine calls them “divine appointments”…and I too agree that we were supposed to meet.

        NOW…to have the technology and the means to continue a friendship from a distance…THAT’S a miracle! Having lived the majority of my life where it was difficult, expensive, and next to impossible to “keep in touch”…I SO APPRECIATE the Internet

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