I have been selected to be a Featured Luminary On “Inspire Me Today.com on Oct 9, 2014.

As members of the human race,

we all have one thing in common,

and that is the desire to better our situation and improve our lives.

For many,

it’s far too easy to get sucked into the belief that we are limited,

that our dreams are impossible

and that the ‘good life’ wasn’t really meant for us in the first place.

Sometimes in the hustle and bustle of everyday life, we get caught up in the drama around us and forget who we are on a deeper level.

We forget that we are Divine beings having a human experience.


But all it takes is one little spark of inspiration,

and we can leave those fearful thoughts behind.

Inspiration reminds us that we are not our problems,

nor are we bound by our limiting beliefs.


When we are inspired, our spark inside turns into a flame

and our lives and those around us are changed.



We have the courage to step into the unknown and follow our dreams.

We set aside our fears and move forward confidently to play bigger in the world and live the life of our dreams.

But how do we find such inspiration?

It can be found almost anywhere, if we’re open to finding it.

Perhaps it’s a walk in the woods,

watching a child at play,

enjoying the scent of a flower

or gazing into the eyes of your beloved.

Perhaps it’s as easy as reading something that reminds you what a powerful being you are and helps you step away from the story you’ve been telling yourself for so long.

Sometimes inspiration can hit us like a bolt of lightning, electrifying our ideas into action, and other times it’s the voice on a gentle breeze, nudging us to take the next baby step.


Regardless of how we find it, inspiration has the power to change the world.

For with inspiration, whatever we can imagine becomes possible.

Inspiration has the power to change a boring life into one of What if…?.

It opens the floodgates to possibility, brings a smile to our face and adds a bounce to our step.


Want to improve your world? Make inspiration a daily part of your life and things will change.

For this reason, I’d like to invite you to introduce you to a website that makes finding inspiration so easy for all of us.

Each day, InspireMeToday.comfeatures one Inspirational Luminary who answers the question, If today were your last day and you had only 500 words to leave to humanity, what have you learned that matters?


Imagine how different your world would be if you started each day with the wisdom learned from household names like

Sir Richard Branson (Virgin)

and Guy Laliberte (Cirque du Soleil)

to thought leaders like Jack Canfield (Chicken Soup for the Soul)

and Marci Shimoff (The Secret).

So far more than 1000 Luminaries have been featured, including me.

That’s a lot of inspiration and I’m proud to be a part of it!

This daily wisdom takes but a minute to read, yet acts as a conscious reminder to that spark within each of us, rekindling our fire within.

I invite you to read my inspiration on InspireMeToday.com

and browse through the wisdom of more than 1000 other Inspirational Luminaries, and watch the difference it makes in your life.

Remember, when we get caught up in our own stories and start to forget our own design as infinite beings,

it is inspiration that turns the ordinary into extraordinary,

fear into hope and the

darkness into light.

Inspiration reminds us that we are greater than we seem, and more resilient and powerful than we think.



Please visit the site on Oct 9, 2014 and help me inspire the world.

If my traffic and comments break records, InspireMeToday.com 

will share my content with millions of additional people too!

I hope you’ll check it out, leave a comment and share it with your friends.

So, I have a favor to ask of all of you.

Will you please support me and forward this email to all your contacts and invite them to log on to InspireMeToday.com on October 9, 2014 and read my essay.

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for me and I really need your support.

From the folks at Inspire Me Today and from me, thank you in advance for your kind support.

I know you’re going to love InspireMeToday.com! Together we really can inspire the world.

Be inspired,

Melanie Miera


26 thoughts on “I have been selected to be a Featured Luminary On “Inspire Me Today.com on Oct 9, 2014.

    1. Thanks Trenton…Spread it as far and wide as you can so that I can get the views needed for awesome exposure.
      Thanks, I love you.
      PS: To all…this is my younger Brother and the designer of my website. If you like what you see, send him an email and let him create some magic for you)

  1. I too say congrats to you! How awesome! I’m so glad you stopped by Petals to comment and to follow, because sometimes when I fly as I did with your blog, I don’t stop to comment. I’m not flying now (smile) so now I am chatting. I’m looking forward in getting to know you better, Melanie, and I am very honored to be following you. Love, Amy

    1. I think that meeting new people, that I would NEVER have had the chance to meet otherwise is my favorite part about blogging.
      I too look forward to future conversations with you.
      Is it ok to ask if you would reblog the announcement on your site so that I can reach more readers?
      I would really appreciate the help.

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