Today is the Day that my essay is featured…Check it out and SHARE Please!

So cool, I’m featured as the Luminary today at

I’m in good company with @RichardBranson, @Cirque, @SethGodin and 100s more!



13 thoughts on “Today is the Day that my essay is featured…Check it out and SHARE Please!

    1. Thanks. If you re-blog the post with the link, I will enter in a drawing for one of the Zentangle pictures I have created. I want to show my appreciation to eveyone for all the support they are showing me today!

  1. Reblogged this on Underground Energy and commented:
    Melanie wrote a really great article about positive perception and could use some positive support if you have a minute to stop by and leave a nice comment.

      1. I have never taken a single art lesson in my life.
        I learned to draw by first tracing pictures.
        Then I started to try and follow the lines on the picture.
        I still cannot draw people or animals that are realistic, but I am still working on it.
        Just start to trace pictures and I promise your mind will click in and begin to have the “mental view” necessary to start to see the lines and shapes that make up the images.
        Zentangle is a wonderful way to start practicing with lines and shapes. You tube has some amazing tutorials.
        I hope you will try one out. You will love it!
        When I was a teenager, if someone had told me I would own and operate a painting business where I would paint images on walls, I would have laughed at them.
        I couldn’t draw a straight line, much less paint pictures.
        So, if you have the will, there is a way. 😉

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