Day 3: Becoming Gods Canvas: Being Recognized, Part 2

Yesterday we left off where Jesus had just asked the woman for a drink.

I can only imagine the flood of emotions that the woman must have felt

when Jesus acknowledged her.

(Especially later in the story when she finally realized exactly who she is talking to.)

She initially went to the well that day to simply satisfy a physical thirst.

But what eventually happens is that she becomes aware that she has an unquenchable thirst,

a spiritual thirst, that only Jesus can satisfy.

She wants a sip.

A gulp.

An entire bucket full of this water he speaks of.

But as she sits in the very presence of the LIVING WATER of GOD,

she is forced to face the reality that His water comes at a cost…

She must face her sins before she can quench her thirst.

This has been by far the hardest aspect of my encounter with the Lord.

At times dealing with my sins and the consequences of them seemed overwhelming, almost more than I could handle.

More than once, I longed to be invisible again.

But the Lord refused to let me hide,

Just as he refused to let the woman at the well hide from her sins.

He forced her to confront them head-on.

He asks her about her husband, knowing full well that she has had 4,

and the man she is living with is not her husband.

Jesus forces her to come clean.

He does not do this to shame her,

but so that he can heal and regenerate her heart.

She tries to distract him by asking Him where she should worship.

She basically wants the exact G.P.S. coordinates to the Mercy Seat.

Jesus responds to her question, in essence, by telling her that He IS the Mercy Seat.

He is the place to come if you desire forgiveness and restoration.

He taught her that day that the act of worshiping God is a spiritual act.

You must come to Him with the spirit of truth.

Worship is NOT about a specific location

as much as it is about a Heart Response to God.

When you desire to know Him Fully


Desire to be FULLY known by Him,

That is when you know you have found the TRUE place of worship.

There are no rules or regulations you can hide behind in this type of Heart centered Spiritual worship,

because your heart is fully open to God.


Have you ever wondered like I have,

Why “THAT” woman among “THOSE” people?

The answer just might be found by remembering her exuberance when she finally realizes who it is that she is actually talking to.

Can you even imagine how it must have felt for her when it finally dawned on her

that she had been sitting here talking with the Messiah?


I wonder if she had thoughts like, “why did God choose me today to speak to?”


“How did I happen to be here at this specific time and meet God today?”


AND lets also remember that this woman was invisible to her own people,

But she now KNOWS that she was NEVER invisible to God…


Her excitement could not be contained.

She becomes the first Recognized Female Evangelist in the Bible.


A woman who had walked the streets in shame.

Had heard the gossip behind her back.

And had endured the sharp words of rebuke to her face…

Now held her head high.

Despite the fact that Jesus had exposed her sins…

She was healed and wanted to share the Good News with her entire Town.


So maybe why Jesus chose “THAT” woman among “THOSE” people

was because He knew her heart.


He also knew the hearts of the people in her town.

He knew that when a woman with her reputation came boldly before them and demanded their attention,

that they were going to listen to what “SHE” had to say.



What happened to this woman when she went into town

and told them to come to the well and see the Messiah?


Her testimony brought an entire town to the Lord.



For me, the real beauty of this story is that Jesus SAW through this woman and her issues.

He saw right into her heart.

He broke through religious, political, cultural, and social rules that forbade Him from even speaking to her,

and acknowledged her anyway.

With four words He changed her in every way possible.

He used her to lift an entire town.



Have you come to terms with the fact that God sees you?


Have you begun to understand that His exposure is an invitation to partake

of the gift of the LIVING WATER?

That is an opportunity to relish in the healing and restoration that only It can provide?


What areas of your life do you fear risking exposure?

Have you ever considered that if you risk exposure, you just might experience healing?


What if we were to surrender and proclaim the truth like the Woman at the Well did?

Do you wonder what miracles might occur in your life?

Or the life of your family,

your friends,

your church,

or your community?

What if we all let Him paint His masterpiece the very way he sees it,

what might God create in your life?



May we begin to be the people who Display the Good News everywhere we go.

I hope that as you read this story your heart was opened to the ways in which you are like the woman at the well

so that like her, you may have the courage like she did to change lives, especially her own.






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