Facebook Online Fall Expo

Are you plannig a Halloween or Thanksgiving party at your house?
Would’nt you like to have the Party that everyone will be talking about for weeks?


We have items for sale here on this event page that you can purchase.
We also offer custom decorations.
You simply need to contact us for a bid, and let us create the event of your dreams.
We have done Big events at the Tuscan, weddings, etc.
We have the talent to make your event unique, and extrodinary.

Don’t let your decorating Dilemmas stress you out.
Let Humpty Dumpty Mural Magic bring the “magic” to your party or family gathering.

The Gourd Baskets are $10.00 ea.


We make these fun “Hillbilly Aprons” in any size you need. We have even taken custom orders and used fabric from a shirt worn at a special rodeo for a mom’s christmas present.
The ideas are endless.
Let us make your shoppin easy this Christmas and have a custom apron made for the woman in your life. You could add a cookbook and some fun kitchen gadgets for a well thought out gift for her.
These aprons sell for $15.00 ea


Here is a baby quilt and some artwork that would be a great start to a customized nursery.
You can also hire us to paint your nursey for you.
We have the ability to make quilts, curtains, etc to add to the custom look to any room in your home.


For a look at some of the custom rooms we have created go to our website at www.humptydumptymuralmagic.com


This is an example of one of our completed “STADIUM QUILTS”.

They fold up and have handles to make them easy to carry into your favorite game or event.
We do take custom orders on these quilts so that you can have one with your favorite team or colors.
This would make an awesome gift for the Sports Fan in your life.

These are a fun twist on the beer bottle decorating ideas.
These would be the perfect centerpiece on the table where your drinks are being served.


These are a few of the Pumpkin themed projects we have that you can decorate your yard, or interior for the Holidays.


Here is another version of the glass vase centerpieces that you can fill with your choice of condiments.


We have several styles of these glass vases. They are perfect for filling with your favorite dip, cheese ball, or candy. They would be a wonderful addition to your Halloween Table Decorations.




I would love to hear your thoughts..please share.

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