Day 5: Becoming God’s Canvas: The Scavenger Hunts He Sends Us On

For todays story, go to John 9:1-11

When Jesus and his Apostles first encounter the Blind Man, the apostles ask Jesus,

” Rabbi, who has sinned the blind man or his parents that he should be born blind?”


It was believed culturally at this time that if a person had a disability of any kind it was a direct result of sin.

That is why the disabled were treated so cruelly during this time in History.

So the question the apostles ask Jesus would have been a very common judgement back then.


How often have you been guilty of the same thing?

Have you ever found yourself “BLINDLY” judging other people’s circumstances?

For me, this story is a beautiful illustration about the BLINDNESS that we ALL suffer from.

When you read this account in John 9, pay close attention to the blindness that every character in the story suffers from.

The Blind man suffers from Blind Eyes.

The Apostles suffer from Blindness to the Truth.

The People suffer from blindness to the mans identity.

The Pharisees suffer from blindness to the beautiful work of God.


Where is your area of blindness?


This story points out a stark truth about humanity…


But unlike the man in the story, most of us weren’t born with physical blindness.

Most of us have mental images in our minds that can never be erased,

like our first pet,

our first bike,

our first love.

Those images are burned into our memory forever.

That is what makes this miracle so wondrous.

This man, has no images in his mind.

He has lived his entire life in DARKNESS.


Our blindness is a SPIRITUAL BLINDNESS.

I believe that when we cross through the veil of death and our BLINDNESS is healed,

we will see celestial colors that were previously invisible to our earthly eyes.

I can only imagine what it was like for the blind man when his eyes were healed.

He was seeing people for the first time.

He saw water,


the blue sky.

It must have been amazing to witness his exuberance as he took it all in for the first time.

What do you imagine will be the first thing you will see when your blindness is healed?

I hope that it will be the same thing the blind man saw.

The face of my Savior.

What are you blind to in your life?

What gifts, talents, or blessings can you not see in your life?

Like all of the Miracles in the bible, this one comes with a specific set of instructions.

Jesus tells the blind man to go and wash in the pool of Siloam.

We don’t know the exact distance that the Blind man traveled.

But from the pictures I have seen,

it was quite a hike down hundreds of steps from the temple to reach the pool of Siloam.


He had to make this trek during the FEAST OF THE TABERNACLES.

This means that there were literally thousands of people walking those very steps that day.

Can you even imagine the difficulty he must have had trying to traverse those narrow steps with thousands of people crowding them.

I would have been terrified!

It almost seems cruel that Jesus made this man travel such a great distance

with so many dangerous possibilities for a blind man.


Why didn’t He just heal him on the spot?

We all know that he could have easily done just that.

I have had so many different situations in my own life where I prayed for healing,

but it just seemed as if the path that I would have to travel was either to dangerous or too difficult for me to even attempt it.

I felt as if my prayers were going unheard.

Why does the Lord sometimes seem to be making things harder for us then we think they need to be? 

Have you often felt that, like the Blind Man,

Jesus was sending you on a SCAVENGER HUNT?

It may seem at the time to be rather unnecessary, but remember that with God NOTHING is ever a mistake or an accident. He always has a purpose behind his motives.

So what was the reason that He sent the Blind Man on a scavenger hunt?

Maybe He did this so that the man could recognize that HELPLESSNESS

was a far worse disability than BLINDNESS ever would be.

As I look back over my life, I can clearly SEE how my trials CURED my helplessness and enabled me to see just how much I was actually capable of, and how strong I really am.

Throughout the many SCAVENGER HUNTS in my life, I have been led to the understanding that I am never alone.

I can clearly SEE how the Lord was walking beside me through the entire search.

I am guessing that the Blind Man lived a life of relative HELPLESSNESS.

He probably depended on others to feed and cloth him.

He probably DIDN’T even know that he was capable of caring for himself.


Jesus did MUCH more than simply cure his blindness…

By sending him on a scavenger hunt, He also healed his dignity;

Just as He did for me.

The scripture is explicit about the sequence of this healing.

If the blind man doesn’t take this step of faith and rebuke his helplessness,

he won’t receive the miracle of sight.

I honestly believe that this is the secret to seeing miracles in our own lives.

Most miracles require an act of obedience.

We cannot manufacture miracles on command!

But we are able to wash our eyes in the metaphorical Pool Of Siloam.

My advice is this…

Don’t wait for God to reveal the second step BEFORE taking the first step.

One simple step of obedience can OPEN YOUR EYES.

One simple step of obedience can REVERSE the CURSE.

One simple step of obedience can BEGIN A NEW CHAPTER IN YOUR LIFE.

Remember that it is NEVER to late or too difficult for God to create miracles in your life.

When my last marriage ended in divorce, my personality was so shattered and broken that I honestly believed that the window of opportunity had closed for me.

I would never live a life knowing how it felt to trust and love another person completely.

I believed that my repeated mistakes had sabotaged my integrity.

I felt that I was beyond any hope.

Beyond healing.

Beyond ever experiencing a healthy, loving relationship.

I was even afraid that my own children would see my brokenness and turn away from me.

I was so alone!

But looking back now I can SEE CLEARLY that is NEVER to late for a miracle.

Like I said yesterday, “If you walk with God long enough and far enough,

you WILL see your BLINDNESS cured too”.

Your helplessness will be replaced with independence.

Your sins will be washed clean and your integrity will be restored.

Breathe, trust and let go.

As I look back over my life

I can SEE clearly how I was sent on a very specific SCAVENGER HUNT

to discover the miracle of healing and restoration

that was waiting for me at my very own “Pool of Siloam”.



Today reflect on the SCAVENGER HUNTS

that you  have been on in your lifetime,

and the miracles that were waiting for you at the end of each one.











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