The Love I have For My Children Mirrors the Love of God

I KNOW that I am loved by God.

Everything inside of me bears witness to that truth.

It’s exactly like He says in the Bible…

The Holy Spirit somehow, from deep inside causes me to cry out “ABBA, Father.”

Through the filling of the Spirit I find the security to call him Father, and to know that I am a beloved child of God.

I know that I am loved by Him,

but I struggle because I don’t know how to explain that.

I desperately want to be a disciple for the Lord,

but I am very insecure when it comes to explaining the  to strangers.

So I prayed about this.

I pondered in my mind what words to use when I speak of my Father.

I wanted to know exactly how to EXPLAIN,  How I know God loves ME.



The main reason this is difficult for me is because in the past,

when I have heard others share their testimonies,

I would  find myself feeling that my relationship with the Lord was somehow lacking.

I think that unless I am feeling what they feel,

and doing what they do,

That my relationship with the Lord is all wrong.



I never want to make anyone feel that way.

I want to share my testimony.

To tell them that God is real, and that He loves them,

but I worry that I will shut them down the same way I have been shut down in the past.


The thing that I want everyone to know is simply this…

Each and every one of us will experience His love for us differently.

The Holy Spirit will cause all of us who are children of the Lord

to call out to Him, 

but the ways we call out will look different for each and every  Christian.


So after I prayed and pondered the question,

” How do I explain Gods Love,

the perfect answer came to mind for me.

By relating His love for ME


The love I have for my Children.

When I look at my four children

and the relationships I have with them,

I can see more clearly HOW God is able to speak personally to His children.

My four kids are all so different.

It is almost weird for me at times to realize that they all have the same parents,

the same environment

and same set of rules that they live by

because they are so very different from each other.


Tyler is my firstborn.

How does a parent even begin to describe the feelings

they have for the one person who made you a parent.

That first baby changes everything about your life.

They teach you how to be a parent.

They teach you about unconditional love.

They bring so much quality to your life.

Tyler is very special to me.

He is my rock.

My son.

My friend.

Now that he has finished highschool, I am enjoying watching him look ahead to all the possibilities his future holds for him.

He is standingon the threshold of his dreams.

Tyler and I have so much history together.

We are as close as any two people can be because of our experiences together.

He trusts me and I trust him in ways that very few people will ever be able to trust.


Then there is my 2nd child, Arminda.

She is my beauty.

My sweet, sensitive little flower.

Now that she is a teenager our relationship has changed.

It is becoming more of a friendship and less about authority.

She is not just my child any longer…Now she is also my friend.

Arminda is the person who first opened my eyes to the wonder and beauty of Gods love for His children.

Her testimony came to her at a very early age.

It saved her life when she lost her big brother to suicide,

and when shortly there after, her dad left us too.

Every day she amazes me with the conviction of her faith.

No trial is to big for her to face because she knows her God is bigger than any problem in life.

I saw in her what a Christ-Filled life looked like.

She was only 6 when she lost her brother and her father, but the maturity she exhibited was way beyond her years.

Now at the age of 13, she continues to inspire me.

She showed me how to trust God.

She taught me that I was worthy of His love.

She is the very image of Gods Love.


Then there is my 3rd child, Russel.

He literally stole my heart the instant I laid eyes on him.

He is my HERO child.

He wants so desperately to make life safe and happy for those he loves.

The thing that is unique and wonderful about my “Bugsy” is that he has this unbelievable capacity to forgive.

He never holds a grudge.

He is somehow able to always see both sides of a conflict,

and therefore rarely stays upset for long.

Russel has taught me to look before I leap.

To listen before I speak.

And to always remember that everyone is fighting a difficult battle, and to therefore be gentle with others.

I am beginning to glimpse pieces of the man he will someday become.

He is so protective of his sisters and me.

He wants so bad to have a daddy.

My heart breaks for him sometimes because he has never had a dad that was there to show him how to be a man.

Russel tells me often that when he grows up, he will NEVER leave his kids and make them wonder if he loves them.

He says he can’t wait to be the one to kiss them every night and tell them “Sweet Dreams”

He is brilliant.

His IQ is off the charts.

Maybe that is why he can see things so clearly.

I love the view of the world that Russel has shown me.

Russel is my heart.


Then there is my baby girl, Sarah.

She is my surprise from God.

She came after surgery to prevent any future pregnancies.

I thank God every day for my little girl.

She has saved me in every way that one person can save another.

Sarah is an artist with an imagination that never sleeps.

She is silly and loves to make people happy.

She has a deep love and concern for animals and wants to grow up and care for them someday.

Knowing Sarah literally makes you a better person.

She has taught me to see beauty everywhere,

and to”love so hard that it hurts.”



So what does all of this have to do with being able to explain Gods love to others?





Tyler loves to have deep, meaningful conversations about science, politics, games, everything.

I show Tyler love by listening and participating in his conversations that I love him, and that he is important to me.


Arminda loves to be spoiled and pampered.

I show her love by doing her nails, putting on mud masks, and going shopping together.

She knows I love her when she comes home from school and there is mint M&M’s on her makeup table.


Russel likes to just be close to me.

I show him love by taking him for a ride, or going for a walk.

Anytime we can just be together makes him feel loved.


Sarah likes to cook and make projects with me.

She knows I love her when I share my love of art with her.


A good parent is a lot like God.

They  know their children personally, just like He knows me.

He does things for us that speak to our own unique love language.

His messages of love are personalized just like mine are to my children.

Today, look for the many ways that God shows His love to you.


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