I am just an Artist…What do You want From Me?

“The Earth’s most precious natural resource is truly a rare find.

As it changes by the second

It is that of our time.”

– Shonika Proctor

I am just an artist.

I started a small business doing the thing I love to do…Painting.

But by most standards you could say that my business is really nothing special.

It’s still very small.

The income is unpredictable at best.

But I really enjoy the work.

Some people may think it’s a silly way to spend my time…

fussing with a bunch of paint colors attempting to create something beautiful that others may or may not even appreciate.

photo 4





Sometimes I wish I would have been good at something else, like being a psychiatrist, or a lawyer…Somone who actually helps other people.


But man… Do I love to paint.

I have always had a knack for it.

So I do my best to create something beautiful

that will make people feel really good,

fully alive when they see it.

But I know that my painting cannot change the world.

I know that I don’t really make that much of a difference.

I’m just an artist.

What do you want from me?

But then I stop and wonder…

Maybe my painting does make a difference.

Maybe when I change the look of a home, I am actually able to change the experiences inside that home.

Maybe when I am interacting with my clients, my words and attitudes are showing them Christ.

Maybe I am making a difference with my talent.

Maybe it is touching people in ways that I cannot even imagine or understand.

Maybe the friendships and connections I have formed through my art have changed a few lives as well.

Because although I am just an artist, everything I do, I do it with all of my heart, I do it as unto the Lord, not for human masters.


How have I used my talents and gifts

that God wired me with

to live a life that is a blessing to others?

How can I make a difference in the world…

When I am just an artist?

How can YOU use your very own unique set of gifts and talents

to change the world?



We all have things that we love and know how to do.

They are there for a reason.

How can we use those things to Honor God?

What is your life costing you?

Do you serve only safe people


Bless only those people who are already blessed?

Sometimes I think we feel that the only way to serve the Lord is through missionary work, or some other sort of big sacrifice in our lives, but is that true?

You may not need to go to Africa..

Or sell everything you own and donate it to the church to be on MISSION.

I bet you that there is already a person in your life right now that could really use your friendship and love.

The problem is…they are probably the person that drives you crazy. 

Is there someone in your life that you have made certain assumptions about?

Someone that you assume is just clueless and irritating, and you know that if they would just try harder their life would be better?


Heres where the rubber meets the road:

Do you REALLY know their story?

Do you know the real reason that they seem to not care anymore?

Maybe they are struggling with  big issues and feel all alone in the world.

Maybe they have an addiction and are praying for someone to care enough to help them get clean.

Maybe they are overwhelmed with debt and have no clue how to handle their money so they live in constant fear of their world collapsing around them.

The truth is…

We Just Simply Don’t Know!

Have you ever considered the possibility

that God put them in your life for a reason?

Maybe they need your unique gifts and talents to show them the truth of who and what God is.

As an artist, and a Christian, I may never know how my talents are changing hearts…

Maybe I don’t even need to know.

Validation isn’t always necessary…

That is exactly when faith needs to be applied.

We need to simply live a Christ filled life on PURPOSE!

We need to be willing to bless those people who are strangers to us, those who may feel unsafe or scary.

We need to be willing to have those difficult conversations with our loved ones, and to make sacrifices when called to do so.

People struggle everywhere.

Mother Theresa said ,

“There are three kinds of needs in every community in the world,

Physical – Emotional – Spiritual.”

If that is true,

then you may not even need to leave you neighborhood

to find your mission field.

I wonder what would happen if we all lifted our eyes up and tried to imagine ourselves living INTENTIONALLY; Exactly where we are today.

What if we all started to take a deeper look at our neighbors and tried to see them through the eyes of the Lord?

Have you ever sat and wondered why God placed you where he did?

Why were you born into your particular family, with your parents to lead and guide you?

Why did he form certain gifts and talents inside of your soul?

Why have you had the experiences that have shaped you into the person you are today, in this very moment?


It is my belief that we were sent to our life…

NOT to stand in judgement of it.

NOT to remain separate and secluded in our safe little circle…

BUT to stand tall and proud. 

To go out in the world and meet new people, and have new experiences.

And by our very existence to proclaim to the world the truth that “The Tomb Is Empty”

We were born to be a light.

A leader.

A Comfort.

To create Beauty.

To be an answer to someones muttered prayer.

Who has God placed around you today?

Who can you show love to?

Which one of your neighbors is in need of a friend, or assistance?

What can you do for another person that will let them know that they are

welcome with you?

 Safe With you?

And that they belong in your life?

Answering those questions can be the catalyst that has the power to literally change the way we experience and share the Good News with the world in our generation.

And that my dear friends..

Is how a simple artist like me can make a difference in the world!





I would love to hear your thoughts..please share.

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