The Right, Bright side of Life.

We all create the person we become by our choices as we go through life.

In a real sense,

by the time we are adults,

we are the sum total of the choices we have made.

Each of us grows physically without any real inner struggle on our part.

Our bodies mature.

We learn to tie our shoes, and dance, and do gymnastics.

Social skills develop naturally.

We grow in our mental abilities as well:

We learn a new language,

expand our knowledge to grasp a scientific theory,

or learn a set of mathematical axioms.

This, too, is natural.


So why is it that learning emotionally for instance, seems to be almost impossible at times?

Sure, we may develop better ways of covering up the turmoil in our hearts and minds,  but we never can seem to completely outgrow our fears and angers, the same doubts and worries.

Is there a reason why we don’t?




I have found that unlike my physical self which, is under the mechanical laws of evolution, and just naturally realizes its eventual maturity virtually without any effort on my part whatsoever…

The development of my spiritual self is not evolutionary.

It is voluntary.


Make no mistake.

Spiritual growth requires a conscious choice and effort on our part.


It is probably the single most important choice you CAN make in your efforts to find happiness.


Genuine inner growth is the pearl of great price,

the journey of a thousand steps,

the quest of a lifetime.

Every one of us is given the opportunity to embark on this great adventure within.

We were blessed with the ultimate example in the person of Jesus Christ.

But before we can even hope to mature spiritually,

We must first and foremost recognize the necessity of it for a complete and fulfilling life.

We must fervently desire it.

Then we must be willing to go through the necessary self-shocks that this special kind of growth requires.


As I look back over my life, it was during those moments of intense, soul crushing pain that I was forced to either mature spiritually or die, that the greatest growth occured in my life.

That is why I often say, that the thing I am the most grateful for are the trials in my life.


Without them, I would not be the woman I am today.

A woman who is strong, stable, confident and capable of loving others unconditionally.

I can support my friends and not feel the need to judge their decisions, because, I know that they will survive whatever decision they make, and probably come out of this trial a stronger, better version of themselves.


Learning to develop a new self-knowledge will ultimately enable you to win in life in a new way.


No longer will you be easily lulled back into the comfort that can be found when you retreat into your old familiar reactions and beliefs.

You will DESIRE more than that.

You will want to experience growth and maturity.

And that is the ultimate gift that our Savior came to deliver to us… An example of how to learn and grow spiritually.

The ultimate Christmas Miracle can be discovered when we are facing the necessary life lessons,

And instead of running away and trying to explain the conflict to ourselves in terms of our old knowledge, we instead face it head-on and learn to conquer it boldly.


My Christmas gift to you is this:

I wish for you to KNOW that you need no longer experience defeat at your own hands.

A way out does exist,

but it begins with developing a new approach to life based faith in the Lord and a higher self-knowledge.


I would love to hear your thoughts..please share.

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