The Rising of the Phoenix…Lets Make This Image Our 2015 Mantra



Put your ego, pride, and independence aside.

No one can do it alone.

So many times the answers are right there in front of your eyes.

Be positive, and address and acknowledge your emotions.

You can rise above the negativity

And re-shape the perceptions you have of the world around you.

When my life exploded into a fireball after Victor’s death, I lost friends, my marriage, my house, my possessions, my formerly good physical and mental health, and countless other things that I had grown accustomed to as an everyday part of my life.

For consolation and clarity I resorted to my background upbringing in Christianity.

I also looked to others areas of spirituality for answers.

I found a very prfound answer in mythology.

The Rising of the Phoenix!

Putting my pride aside,

I vocalized my feelings with counselors and close friends.


I was determined to figure out what had started the fire that had consumed my life.

Finally I can honestly say that through many years of study, therapy, and learning…

Like the mythological Phoenix,

I rose out of the ashes.


I have always admired the Phoenix’s immortality,

its ability to endure everything and anything,

and still strive.

Legend has it that the Phoenix was a creature of unparallel beauty, a paragon, and a model of absolute perfection.

To “rise like a phoenix from the ashes”

Means that you now have the skills to overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles.

That is the very reason that I have chosen the Phoenix as the symbol for my life.

 It is a beautiful and very powerful reminder of the life-changing events that had reduced me to ashes,

And then allowed me to “rise again.”

We have much more in common as human beings than we are prone to believe.

We are all sailors in the same boat,

Looking for light and inspiration to guide us on our journey.


Any person,

of whatever persuasion,

can become a phoenix in his or her own struggles.

We must not remain mired in own labyrinths of self-pity and doubt.

No matter how abandoned, isolated, and lonely we may feel at times, things will get better.

Perhaps not today,

or tomorrow,

or when we think they should,

but with patience,


and thinking positively

we will get through the rough times.


Positives make individuals feel good about themselves and others.

They permeate emotions and create momentum for change.

Emotions, not statistics, data, or hard facts, are the energies that fuel thinking and choices in life.

In fact, an estimated 90% of decisions are emotionally derived.


If we feel hopeful and POSITIVE,

we will radiate POSITIVITY,

I want to encourage all of you reading this to make 2015 the year that you begin to combine the lessons of the Phoenix with a positive attitude.

Lets all work together to master the art of using positive thinking and positive behavior to manifest and achieve success.

I love this quote by Albert Einstein and feel that it is apropriate to post here:



Most of us are subjected to more than our daily dose of negativity.

Ultimately, we control our own thoughts and “we become what we think.”

Remember the old adage… “You are what you eat.”

Positivity and all positive thoughts come from our own individual perspectives and perceptions of the world and events around us.

We are responsible for what we think.

We control our positive and negative energies.

We need to find the positive in everything.

We must cultivate positivity, not only think about it.

Embrace the positives in life.

And remember the Phoenix!



I would love to hear your thoughts..please share.

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