Two more projects to add to our Shop.

A really good friend of mine gave these butterflies to me and told me that I could either keep or toss them. She just said she was tired of having them on her fence and needed a change and wondered if I could do anything with them.

I assured her that I could!

I decided to KEEP them and repaint them.



Here is what they looked like when I first got them.


unfinished butterfly 3



unfinished butterfly 2



unfinished butterfly 1







Here are the Finished Butterflies….


butterfly 2


butterfly 1



butterfly 3





Now they are ready to find a new home in somebody’s yard.

I hope they will bring them lots of Joy!



My next project is a set of Angel wings that I saw on ETSY.

They were quite expensive because of the fact that they were cast plaster.

I decided to try my hand and see if I could copy a set that I had seen somebody do on Pinterest.

What do you think?


cardboard angel wings beginning




Step #1: Cut out pieces from cardboard.


cardboard angel wings 3


Step #2: Glue the small pieces to the large carboard wing piece.




cardboard angel wings 1



Step#3: Begin the process of applying dry wall mud to the cardboard wings.



close up look at the texture I added



Step#4: Add lines and definition to the wet mud.



cardboard angel wings heart



Step #5: The heart that will join the wings together in the center.



Step #6 Paint the wings. Here is the process and paint colors I used.


First Coat:I added a coat of white paint to seal the drywall.

Second Coat:Then I painted the entire wings with a light brown paint.

Third Coat: Then I applied a mahogony gel stain over the top of the brown paint, leaving areas where the paint showed through.

Final Coat: To finish them, I applied a  silver and gold glaze  in certain spots to highlight the project.


cardboard angel wings 4











These were actually quite easy and fun to make. I hope that some of you will try your hand and make a set for yourself.

If you do, please post pictures in the comment section below.







4 thoughts on “Two more projects to add to our Shop.

  1. Your theme is transformation and creativity. The butterflies look ready to fly. The whole angel wings project is quite something – all from cardboard, drywall and creativity. Beautiful!

    1. WOW! Thank you for such a wonderful compliment. Transformation and creativity are both areas that I am committed to being very aware of this year. I want to find new and exciting ways to share the talents that I have with the world.

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