Last Nights Project…Reclaimed Wooden Chair

I have had this chair for Years…

I finally decided it was time to Reclaim it, and give it a brand new look.

Here are the pictures.

flower chair flowers blocked in









The first thing I did was to paint the entire chair with a high gloss black paint.

Then I drew the three flowers and base coated one yellow, one blue, and one red.

Then I took black paint and painted in a basic zentangle design on the flower that I would then add color to.

flower chair 1st flower finished close up



flower chair yellow flower colored








Here is what the yellow flower looks like all finished.

Now lets look at the process on the blue flower.

flower chair blue flower pattern blocked in





flower chair 2nd flower pattern









flower chair 2nd flower finished











Here is the finished blue flower.


The last one is the red flower on the back of the chair.

I didn’t take pics of the process because I didn’t add lots of zentangle designs, so the finished flower is pretty self-explanatory.

flower chair back flower finished









And here at last is the entire chair all painted

and ready to be sold in our shop.

flower chair finished 1





















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