Each and Every time I start the New Year, I always find myself determined to;

“Be Better”

“Do Better”

“Have more time”

“Make More Money”

“Lose those last ten pounds”


I don’t believe that I am alone in this mindset either.

As you were reading that last paragraph, I bet you were shaking your head in agreement,

and thinking of all the things you This year.


How did you do with those vows last week?

For many of us we started the week with long lists of things we wanted to accomplish to kick off our New Year.

Were you productive?


Were you “busy”?

Everything we do is a choice including being “busy”.

If you’ve followed me for very long, you know that being “busy” is not a choice I choose to make for myself.

I don’t have time to be BUSY, just for the sake of BUSY-NESS.

My time is a precious commodity,

And I am extremely protective of it.


People are constantly asking me…

“How do you find the time to do everything that you do?”

They are genuinely interested in the answer to that question…


Not so genuinely interested in the answer I give them.

Because they are not willing to STOP THE INSANITY long enough to make a “BUDGET” for their time.

I have made a “TIME BUDGET”.

My time budget functions much the same way as a budget for your money does.

That budget is literally the secret to my success!

I have learned how to say “NO” to people and things that I don’t REALLY want to give my time to.

I have made a list of my priorities, and give my time according to the value I place on a person or project.

In short, I have learned to “SPEND”

my minutes on my NEEDS,

not my WANTS.

Sure, we all have a lot to do…

but prioritizing what we will do when and even if we have to do something,

is a key ingredient to finding a work/life balance, And… truly being present in your life and work.


Simply Put:

Rather than being “busy”,

I choose to be productive.

As you look back at last week,

Or forward to this week…

Become aware of where you are making yourself “busy”,

What things you are saying “yes” to

Or adding to your to do list that aren’t necessary.

By raising your awareness, you can start making changes.

This didn’t always make sense to me either, however. There was a time in the not so distant past when I too was always “Busy” but never seemed to get anything “Done”.

I was overwhelmed, exhausted, and depressed.

My health was suffering.

My relationships were suffering.

My finances were suffering.

And my business was suffering.


I have had to learn the hard way that I NEEDED to have a plan.

Just as it is way to easy to fall into debt if you don’t make plans for how and when to spend your money…

The same thing happens to your life when you are spending your time foolishly.

By taking the time to first and foremost decide WHO deserved my time the most, I was able to repair my relationships.

The stress levels in my life went WAY DOWN, and that improved my health.

By focusing on the time necessary to make my business successful, I was able to generate more income and success in that area as well.


The Lord wants us to be debt free.

Both financially and with our time.

One of the greatest tragedies in life is the amount of time we waste on inanimate objects.

We have no problem telling our kids we are too busy.

But have you ever even considered shutting down Facebook for a week?

Think about that…

Ten years from now, will the details on your Facebook Timeline even matter?

How about your kids…Will they still matter to you ten years from now?


By asking yourself these kinds of questions, and becoming aware of the things that REALLY matter in life, you too will be able to BUDGET your time in a manner that will get you out of debt with your schedule and create security and joy in life.

I also firmly believe in taking advantage of good vitamin supplements,

utilizing proper nutrition,

and finidng other similar types of products that can enhance your overall quality of life.


Earlier this month, I made an offer to share a three-day sample of a product that has really been a blessing to me in helping to keep my mind alert and my energy levels high.

I would like to reiterate that offer again today…

Send me your name,

phone number

and address

in the comment section below and I will send you a FREE three-day supply of these amazing fit sticks to try for yourself.

When you find something that works this good for you…

you want to share it with everyone!


So please feel free to request a FREE sample and I will rush it out to you A.S.A.P.


Make the time today to sit and REALLY decide what people and things deserve your time and attention.

It will literally REVOLUTIONIZE your entire life!


I would love to hear your thoughts..please share.

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