Carousel Horses.

I have had so much fun today painting two Carousel Horse projects for our shop…

Here are the pictures.

carousel horse before







We found a 1957 Wonder Bouncing Horse that had been taken off the mounts for a really good price, so we brought it home so we could brighten up the paint and make it into something wonderful.



carousel horse saddle flowers finished


Here is the saddle after I re-painted it.


carousel horse WONDER label


The WONDER brand




carousel horse finished face up close



Here is the face after re-painting.



carousel horse saddle flowers up close




So here is a HINT of the finished project. We drilled a hole in the center of the saddle so we could slip this horse over the COAT RACK.


carousel horse mounted up close






Here is the finished Project. Tomorrow after the glue has had time to set up, I will paint it black and you will never know it was there.

Then this horse will be taken to our shop where he will available for sale.





Here is the second Carousel Horse we re-painted today.

This one is a much smaller version. I will be a nice bedroom decoration. The basket will be perfect for catching that clutter that seems to accumulate on the top of your dresser.


basket horse 1


This horse started out white and very boring.  I thought it would look nice with and aged tourquoise look.





basket horse 2




I painted a basket to match the horse.





basket horse 3




And then I mounted them all together on a stand.





Let me know what you think of todays projects in the comment section below.







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