Today IS The BEST Day of Your Life!

Today it all gets better…


Today everything is working out for you. 
Today thins are going your way
Today your life is getting better


Today you’re on your way to having
and getting what you want…

You have dreams, 

You have hopes,
You have ambitions,


There are things you wan to do,
There are things you want in life.



And you just want things to get
better, you just need some changes.



You hope, you pray, you wish, and
you think maybe one day things will
get better.


They will and today’s that day.


Today you take charge of your life
and you start getting what you want.

Today you make those hopes, dreams
and wishes come true.


Matthew 11:28 

28 “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.

When you push the button on FAITH

and say YES to the Lord and all his promises

you are then and ONLY then able to… 

 Stay focused on what you want,

You can stop feeling guilty about the things that you don’t want

or what went wrong or didn’t work out.

You are able to REST in the knowledge that

He came to provide rest for the weary.

Isn’t it true that when you are well rested and comfortable you are better able to see life more clearly.

You can finally focus and think deeply about what you really want.

When your needs are fulfilled, you are free to then tell yourself you have what you want.
Tell yourself everything is working out for you and
you’re on the way to getting and having what you want.

Now direct your inner thoughts to see what purpose you have in this life that the Lord can use to further his message of hope.


You can do that by trusting your instincts.

The day I finally understood this idea, was the exact same day I stepped into my power.

I learned to guide and influence my surroundings by controlling my thoughts.

I would tell them that I trusted them to bring me exactly
what my heart desired.

I learned how to recognize truth.


The real secret to all of this is Faith.

That means you have to remove the doubts,

get rid of the fears,

eliminate the negative thinking.


Don’t give up on your dreams,
Don’t give up on your desires.


Believe in yourself, believe you can get
what you really want.

You just have to work with your inner thoughts and give them the
right instructions.



Your powers and your subconscious mind are
always at work, they’re always creating and
shaping your life.

You just have to tell  them exactly what you want,

you just have to give them the right instructions.


And it all starts with believing that you can
and will enjoy the life you want and deserve.

Yes you can.

So today – take charge.
Today you begin living the life you want

Let’s make this your best year ever…

Wishing you tremendous success…


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