The Irony of Doors Part#2

If you follow me on my blog, then I am going to assume that you have a deep desire to live your own beautiful life.  

You probably have felt called to express who you truly are in the world and to have your outer world be a reflection of your inner reality.

 I know it, because those are the type of people that I seem to attract into my life lately.

It’s the energy that I deliberately choose to cultivate in my life. I am determined that I will never again settle for experiencing anything else.

For most of us (me included) before discovering my INNER HERO

Success had been built on achieving – that pushing, striving, making-it-happen energy that we all know so well.

it’s that all-to-familiar feeling that we HAVE to work super hard and force it ( I mean how could we receive it if we don’t earn it right?)

 Yesterday I talked about DIVINE OPPORTUNITIES and how we can train ourselves to recognize and utilize them.

Today I am going to explore what to do when you encounter 2 OPEN DOORS.

The real challenge for us when facing 2 OPEN DOORS can often be deciding which opportunity offers you the best chance to utilize your God given talents to bless the most people.

Let me ask you a question:

When faced with a problem, do your choices lead you into action, or do they paralyze you?

Weather you realize it or not, your future experiences are being determined right now by the problems you are encountering and your reaction to those problems.

You can choose to devote your entire life to the problems of:

How can I be rich?

How Can I be more successful?

How can I obtain optimum health?

How can I feel more secure?


You can devote yourself to much nobler problems.

People with small souls have small problems!

Small-soul people live life focused on things such as:

Making their OWN life safer, more convenient.

Or planning how they can put an irritating neighbor in their place. 

They spend enormous amounts of time worrying about a cranky co-worker.

Or a perceived lack of recognition in their life.

Now I am not saying that those things don’t matter, because they do.

I am just want you to become aware of weather or not your main focus in life is on those things, or if you have developed the ability to look beyond those things and have developed the ability to see the bigger picture.

People with largeness of soul are easy to spot.

They are the ones who are leading the charge against things like extreme poverty, drug trafficking, helping underprivileged children receive quality education or good drinking water.



But you don’t have to take on the world to be a person with largeness of soul.

You just need to simply learn to see beyond your own comfort and then be willing to lend a hand wherever you can.

I like to tell my children that before you can truly know yourself you have to have a GOD-SIZED problem to face.

Nothing will bring you into focus like a problem that is too big for you to handle alone.

If you don’t have a God sized problem…Well, then maybe, that IS your problem.

We learn who and what we are in the process of facing and solving problems that we encounter.

Have you ever thought of asking the people around you…


I’m not meaning to ask them in a condescending manner, or with a sarcastic tone in your voice…

But genuinely, lovingly asking them , “What is Your problem?”


What things have you devoted yourself to in your lifetime?

How do you want the world to be different because you are in it?

These are the kind of questions that “Big Soul” people ask constantly of themselves, and others.

Have you ever knelt down in prayer and asked God what problem in His world would He like you to address?

I found purpose and meaning in my life by simply paying attention to the things that moved me in my heart. I have learned to be constantly aware of the things that break my heart.

After Victor’s death, there was a part of me that was desperate to keep him alive. I knew that the only way to do that would be for me to share with the world the lessons he taught me while he was alive.

I had to be willing to open up and be vulnerable enough to share my painful experience and to deliver those messages to as many people as possible.

I learned to hope and have faith and courage during the days and weeks immediately following Victor’s suicide.

I learned that life really does go on despite our pain and suffering and that there is a way to get through the pain and come out on the other side a better, stronger person.

By sharing the lessons I have learned, I am keeping my son alive.

Every word I type, every brush stroke I paint is a piece of his soul that I am leaving on this earth.

Let your pain lead you to discover your very own purpose and passion.

Then let the discovery of your purpose become the answer to the age-old question:

Start each and every day with that question.

I promise you that by asking that question every single day, your life will come into focus in ways that will both surprise and amaze you.

Think about it:

Are you really here on this earth to serve only yourself?

Is your only reason for existence to keep “YOU” alive on this earth?

If so…

Then it is exactly like the late, great, Carl Sagan said, 

I think deep down, we all know better.

Somewhere buried inside us is the truth of the kingdom of God, of our spiritual reality, and our eternal destiny. These things are written on our hearts.

So when faced with a decision about which door to choose… my best advice to you would be to find someone whom you trust. Someone you know loves you and has your best interest in mind, and ask them to speak wisdom into your life.

Tell them about the plans you are making and then LISTEN when they answer you.

How many of the train wrecks in your past could have been avoided if you would have listened to the counsel of a loved one?

Very often the reality of life is this:

The right choice may not be DOOR #1 or DOOR #2, but DOOR#20.

On our own we have a tendency to miss the full range of options available to us. But when we enlist the help of trusted friends and family we are able to see the bigger picture.

By ourselves- we might ask things like:

“Should I end this relationship or not?”

But with the counsel of others we might be led to ask:

“How can I make this relationship better?”

Discovering open doors is NEVER going to be the same as seeking out “Guaranteed Success”

The truth is, God often calls us to do hard things. To walk through doors that lead to difficulty and uncertainty.

Those are the doors that will require tremendous amounts of courage to walk through, but the blessing waiting for you beyond those doors defy description.

Did you know that venture capitalists make it a habit to never invest in anyone who hasn’t ever failed?

They KNOW that people learn from failure, and that someone who was able to try again, will be more likely to succeed next time.

So today I want to leave you with this:

When facing multiple decisions, choose to walk through the door that offers the most benefit to the most people.

Live life with a large soul. 

And ask God daily what you can do for Him.


I would love to hear your thoughts..please share.

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