What I have Learned from the Doors I have walked through so far….

Up to this point in my life, if someone were to stop me and ask me if I thought life was fair, I would answer them with a resounding YES!


Ten years ago, my answer to that very same question would have been a completely different answer.

Ten years ago, I DEFINITELY believed that life was anything BUT fair. Life was out to get me. I was totally convinced of that fact.

One of the things that I truly detest at work is when I hear a child utter the statement, “That’s not fair.”

The reason I cringe when I hear that is because while life may not always SEEM to be fair…

In the end I believe that life has a magical way of working itself out.


Like I discussed last week…

Closed doors are necessary in order for new ones to open.

It is not usually fun to experience a closing door.

Humans as a general rule detest change, and a closing door in your life almost always means change.

But along the way, as I have been in the business of living, I have learned a few tricks that make those closing and opening doors a  little easier to cope with and that is what I want to share with you today.

It is my belief that the most important things in life, are the lessons we learn while we are here.


Through our passion,and Our willingness to take risks,

We can develop the assurance that it is OKAY to fail,

along with deep love and heartfelt relationships,

we learn the most important lessons in life.

A lifetime filled with lessons is your e-ticket ride to living passionately, with a sense of un-stoppability, and the deep desire to go for your dreams and chase what you love.


If you are not faced with tests throughout your life, there is no way to defend and clarify what you truly believe in.

These lessons teach you what is important to you, and you alone.

Simply put: They help you define your destiny.

So what have some of my lessons been?

First off, the secret to a life filled with happiness is to continually learn to

“Expect the UN-expected.”

Yes, try as I might, I can make plans, but I learned a long time ago that I am simply not in control of the outcome.


So instead of being upset about the unexpected, I’ve learned to embrace it.


I learned that by embracing and exploring the unknown, not only do I get the pleasure of walking down a new path, I get a new chance of discovery.

How exciting!

Where I once used to be paralyzed by the fear of the unknown, I am now free to enjoy a life that is guaranteed to be filled with endless opportunities to challenge and test me and lead me into new areas of life that would never have opened up if I had made the choice to stay stuck in fear.

Another lesson I’ve learned is to “let go.”

Sounds corny I know, but it is true.

For years, I would worry because I so desperately wanted to have the power to control everything. Since that power does not exist, I was constantly feeling frustrated and powerless.

I wanted to control the outcome.

I wanted things to be “right” or “perfect.”

One of the most beautiful days of my life was the day I woke up and realized that there was no such thing as “right”,

no “perfect.”

I realized that who I was and what I had to offer was enough.

Yes, that I, Melanie  Miera, was enough.

When I learned that lesson, I knew that I was on my way to truly understanding my self-worth.



I didn’t need Glamour magazine, or Business weekly’s definition of perfect, but mine.

I no longer had to be better,

or try harder,

or learn how to be.

I was enough.

And that my friends… is my greatest lesson of all.

And I urge you to look into the mirror today, and shout, scream, and holler, “I AM ENOUGH AS I AM.”


You know why?

Because you are.



4 thoughts on “What I have Learned from the Doors I have walked through so far….

  1. When I signed up for the “Range Creek Tour” this past September…I thought it was all about seeing Range Creek…and I was partly right. Now, I’m pretty sure that it was more about getting to meet you, Melanie. We just never know what will happen and who we might meet when we have the courage to “walk through that door.”

    1. That is for sure. We immediately connected on a deep soul level that day. We formed a friendship that will last even if we never get to see each other face to face again. It’s wonderful to enjoy all the surprises in life. There is really no reason to ever be afraid. I live life from a place of faith not fear, and that hasn’t always been the case so I speak from experience when I say just have faith that it will eventually work itself out. Meeting you has made my life beautiful.

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