Can a question change your life?

I wrote this post last year, but thought it needed to be reblogged today.



 A good student of psychology knows this:

questions have an almost miraculous power to 
change behavior – for better or worse.

For example, next time you experience anything that appears to be misfortune, instead of asking …

“Why is this happening to me?” (an astoundingly 
dis-empowering question)

… ask:

“What can I do to improve this situation?”

really love this quote by Joe Sugarman, he said “In every apparent misfortune can be found the seeds of a greater good.”

What is that greater good this time?”

My success can be explained by a small handful of 
well-phrased questions.

Immediately following my second divorce, I started to ask myself what I had done to create this situation in my life.

I made the decision to NOT date at all until I felt that I had figured out why I was unable to hold a marriage together.

Divorce is such a…

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