Its Springtime…are you raining regrets?

I have been noticing a strange phenomenon,

As springtime approaches and we all begin to emerge from our homes once again…

I have noticed that most of the conversations I hear are about


Why is this I wonder?

Is it because we have been cooped up inside all winter and have spent WAY to much time thinking about all the things that are going wrong in our lives?

Or is it because we are spring cleaning and happen to come across old pictures, items, or other such things that stir up long forgotten memories?

What ever it is, I felt that today I

wanted to

on this topic.


For me, as I am standing back watching and listening to my friends and family lament about their problems,

I am hit with the realization that their belief” in the impending doom that is approaching their lives is much like…

Suddenly finding yourself on a hillside watching helplessly as an approaching storm overtakes you where you stand.

There are times when we know a sorrow is coming but are unable to get out from beneath its pain.

So we stand there and helplessly wait for the pain that it will inevitably bring.

Here are just a few of the things that I am hearing people

“Rain down their REGRETS” about lately?

The first regret that I have heard is the regret that they did not tell someone how deeply they loved and cared for them.

They have such a deep sorrow that they couldn’t speak the truth of their heart — or that they just wouldn’t — for fear of being misunderstood.

Instead of having the courage to have a difficult conversation, they kept silent and are now regretting all the words that will forever go unspoken.

Their regret is literally suffocating them and will eventually prevent them from having healthy, meaningful relationships in the future.



The next regret is that they didn’t take a much firmer interior stand against the people and things that would defile their soul.

They didn’t want to appear to be “UN-cool” so they went along with the crowd and now wish they had been stronger.

Another regret that I keep hearing is  that when they did attempt to be strong,and stand in their power, all they found was the depths of their own inadequacy.


I think we have all experienced that regret.


Another really common regret among my friends is that they feel like they have wasted so many precious hours pleasuring themselves with meaningless pursuits, and sorrow for the fact that they knew better but feared emptiness more than regret.

In these observations I have been having,

One thing stands out for me…

There is no joy

I can only hear a faint sensing,

a dim realization,

that now that they are aware of their regrets…

something within them must die.

This, I believe is the reason so many of us never do anything about our regrets besides talk about them.

Because we instinctively know that the deeper its roots run inside our lives and our minds, the more meaningful will be its passing…

Humans fear change!

If we will stand there in these seemingly dark moments,

One thing becomes increasingly evident:

The growth of our soul rarely unfolds in a dim light that we fail to recognize as fertile ground.

Many times, darkness is the medium,

sorrow becomes the seed,

and the subsequent humility conceived in these trials is the divine garden in which our soul flowers.

I said earlier that I wanted to shed a light on this subject of regrets today, and so far all I have done is point out all the regrets people are having.

So here is the light I promised.

When I was going through the period in my life where all I had were regrets, I would often meditate on things such as butterflies, birds and frogs.

Why Butterflies, birds and frogs you ask?

Because, any animal that has a distinct stage in its life cycle can be used as a template for meditation.

I found that by visualizing one of these amazing creatures I could literally prepare myself for a life change of some kind, whatever it might be.

This is how I would do it:

Birds have a three distinct stages:

The egg.

The Juvenile, which must learn to fly and feed itself.

The adult, which may or may not migrate.

So when applicable, I would visualize myself going through these three stages just as naturally and effortlessly as the bird does. The bird accomplishes the transition from one stage to the next by relying on instinct. 

So in my meditations, I would focus on trusting my instincts to carry me through any process.

The Butterfly is a useful image because the emergence of the chrysalis is beautiful and enabling.

The caterpillar enters the cocoon in one form, and emerges in a completely different form.

The caterpillar literally dissolves into a puddle of biological ooze and emerges as one of the most magnificent creatures in the world. 

So I would often visualize myself entering a scary situation and have faith that I would come out of it more beautiful than when I went in.


The frog is also a powerful image to visualize

because he begins life confined to the water (the tadpole),

Then he acquires the ability to move on land.

The frog was the image I would use when I needed flexibility in a situation. Because even though the tadpole became a frog and learned how to move on land, he never losses his ability to live in the water.

He adapts himself to the situation he finds himself in.

Regrets are one of the worst parts of being human.

But you can turn them around

and change them from regret to lesson with just a small shift in your attitude.

I hope that my post today will be of some help to one of my dear readers.

I appreciate all of you and pray for you daily.



I would love to hear your thoughts..please share.

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