Do you ever wonder why some people are so lucky? 

You know the kind that seem to have everything
going for them and things just work out for them
no matter what they do…

They have a good relationship,

A good job or career,

They make more and more money,

and things just go their way. 

It’s as though luck is always on their side.

Why are they so lucky? 

I just recently read about this study that a group of scientists conducted on LUCK.

They followed 400 people for 10-years,
trying to find out why some are lucky and others are not.

The results:

You create your own luck based on 

how you think,

what you believe

and how you see things. 




Do you mean to tell me that if I can successfully

Change the way I think,

Change the way I see things,

And learn to Change my beliefs

That I will have the ability to create my own
good luck and good fortune?

Is it really that simple?

These researchers found that lucky people are 
lucky because they seize opportunities; 
They create positive self-fulfilling prophecies.

They believe things will work out.

And they have a positive attitude that allows 
them to turn bad luck into good luck by focusing 
on what went right in any given situation.


The researchers concluded that Lucky people are Lucky because they are always thankful for what happened and they naturally look at the positive side of the situation… 

They always see the glass as half full. 


So does that mean that if I’m not doing any of the above then that is the reason I find myself stuck in a loop of bad luck?


And if I am not creating any good luck then things will naturally get worse and further complicate this cycle of bad luck!


According to the researchers… YES, that is exactly what it means!


So that means that you can change your luck and create good luck by training your mind to be…

more positive,

more optimistic,

To be more aware of opportunities

And actually learn to believe that you can have good fortune?

Here are a few things that I didn’t realize I had “REALIZED” until after I read this research and then spent some time reflecting on my life up to this point….

Ten years ago my life was DESPERATE.

I was broke, homeless, and suddenly single with 4 kids to raise alone.

I was always declaring to anyone who would listen, “If it weren’t for BAD LUCK I wouldn’t have any LUCK at all.”

But as time went by and I learned to TRUST life a little bit more, and…my luck began to shift.

I began to take chances, and from those chances, I found success.

I started to think more positively and positive things began to happen.

So here is what I KNOW from my own experience, not from some article I read…

If you want to create your own good luck then 
you have to keep an open mind

and this means that you take a closer look at opportunities – 
don’t dismiss those things that seem coincidental. 

If you want to earn more money and a friend 
suggests a potential investment,

Explore it don’t just dismiss it outright. 

Unlucky people miss chance opportunities 
because they’re too busy looking for something else, they’re not open to possibilities and feel 
they have to do things a certain way. 

Lucky people will examine what’s in front of 
them instead of just focusing on what they’re 
looking for.

They’re more open minded to possibilities and 
are willing to do things a little differently. 

Be open to all possibilities. 
Try a different approach when you can. 
Do things a little differently. 

That’s when luck begins to come your way.

I think that the thing I found most interesting about the article I was reading was when the group of researchers took a group of people who were CONVINCED that they were UNLUCKY

And taught them how to focus their subconscious thoughts on positive things.

They simply taught them how to make small changes to  their thinking.


Amazingly 80-percent of those who changed the
way they did things,

changed they way they saw things by focusing on the positive
rather than the negative,

changed the way they thought,

changed their beliefs,

And became more positive and open minded,

were not only happier and more satisfied with their lives…

A few simple changes led to a better life and
created good luck while eliminating the bad luck!

It sounds so simple and it is. 

So take charge of your life today

Create good fortune and good luck.

Change the way you see things,

Be open to new possibilities,

Believe in yourself and have positive beliefs,
and you’ll get more of what you want.

Get rid of that negative thinking habit that’s
holding you back and making your life
harder and harder.

Direct your subconscious mind and your inner powers
to bring you what you want so that more good things

So that you become lucky and attract
all that you desire.


It is my prayer that you will not dismiss this wisdom today simply because it seems to easy to be effective.

Think of your subconscious mind like a computer…


And your thoughts like the program that instructs the computer on how to run.

Image result for computer program

The information that is put INTO the computer literally determines what will come OUT of it.

This idea about LUCK is the exact same thing.

What do you have to lose by trying it?



I would love to hear your thoughts..please share.

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