Projects that came out of our workshop for the week of April 12- 18th

005 008













These were a custom order. I had made another set for a customer, and this lady wanted a set for her parents graves.

So she requested that we paint their names on the back and attach a hook so that she could secure them to the site.


The next order we filled 2 more sets of the Garden Stake Crows.











We had a request for a Welcome post and a Chevron Sign to put on a customers front porch.

Here are the pictures of the finished product.













We are also getting lots of requests for Crosses to put on graves for Memorial Day. Here are a few that we have finished.


Next I made some candle sticks for my own house out of some salvaged posts that were taken out of a home that is being salvaged.

I love the look of Tall pillar candle sticks so I made a set that would match the painting I did last week of the Pueblo Sun God.

Here are the pictures of them.

The last thing I did was also a project for my own house.

I had these old trunks that were old and dated. I repainted them and gave them a fresh new look.






I would love to hear your thoughts..please share.

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