The SECRET that changed my life.


In a battle of focus vs. fear,

fear will win every single time. 

It’s like manifesting in reverse.


Once I finally learned that secret, my life took a dramatic turn for the better.

I had watched the movie, “The Secret”.

I had made my vision board.

I spent time every day meditating on my desires.

I spoke my mantras out loud and often…


My life was not getting better, it was rapidly getting worse.

The worse it got,

The more powerfully I would try to stay focused on my desires.

I was desperate to bring them into reality, NOW in the present.

I began to feel very afraid.

What was I doing wrong?

How was I sabotaging my efforts at manifestation?

I began to feel insecure and doubt everything about my self.

It was at about this time in my life that Victor committed suicide, and shortly after Sam left me and the kids.

So how did I stumble upon

the secret that changed my


How did I finally achieve the success amidst all that insanity?

I came to know my Savior!

Through my renewed faith in Him, I learned to trust life.

I learned to be content where I was, with what I had.

I quit wishing that I could manifest the “THINGS” that I thought would make me happy, and began to realize that I was already happy.

I had 4 amazing children.

2 supportive and loving parents.

1 good job that provided enough money to cover all of our needs.

1 God given talent that allowed me to make extra money.

6 siblings that loved and supported me unconditionally.

1 amazing best friend.

1 Savior.



Once I sat down and did the math I realized that I already had EVERYTHING I needed to have a happy life.

The anxiety that I had been living with was finally gone, and for the first time in years I started to enjoy life and be truly grateful for all of my blessings...


That is when I stumbled across an idea called the

The Law of Paradoxical Intent

Let me explain what this is to you so that you can begin immediately to practice it in your own life.

With focus, comes fear.

You cannot separate the two.


The more badly you want something, the more you will find yourself naturally focusing on it.

Which creates the fear you unintentionally cultivate around NOT GETTING IT.

Positive thinking actually carries an inherent vibration of lack, therefore creating a polarizing contrast in your mind that will stop you from ever getting what you truly want.

This is exactly what had happened to me in my past.


So while you may think you are following all the rules from the manifesting playbook, by thinking and focusing intensely on what you want in your life,


You’re in all probability, just as intensely repelling it by the fear of not receiving it.


This is known as the Law of Paradoxical intent and it’s the Law of Attraction’s evil and mischievous twin.


To make matters worse, the emotion of fear carries one of the heaviest, lowest vibrations that will literally eat alive any of the positive energy you’re trying to cultivate and attract.


In a battle of focus vs. fear, fear will win every single time. It’s like manifesting in reverse.

Let me put it this way:

You’re in a dark room and need to see where you’re going but can’t find the light switch.

Do you close your eyes, clench your fists, and try with all your manifesting might to turn the light on?

Or do you simply open the door and allow light to flood into the room.

This is a completely different approach to manifesting and about 10 x easier than anything you’ve done up until now

(with 10 x the results).

Abundance, is just like light, it will automatically begin to  fill the dark places naturally and effortlessly.

All you need to do is:

Let it in

You do that simply by raising your energetic vibration to a level where the heaviness of fear cannot exist.


I’m so glad you asked.


When You Turn On A Light, How Long Does It Take For The Room To Fill With Light?

Take just a moment and concentrate on the feeling of fear.

It feels HEAVY and SUFFOCATING, doesn’t it?


Now switch gears and focus on GRATITUDE.

The heaviness immediately left your chest didn’t it?

(In fact, I bet you even just took a deep breath)

It is exactly like the light in a dark room.

Fear will darken your life, while gratitude will brighten it.

It is completely natural that when you want something,

You want it NOW.



Instant gratification is a disease most people suffer from.

Most of the time it only leads to misery.

If you convince yourself that you can’t be happy without what you want:

This then becomes your reality.

So, how do you harness the power of intention and generate the right vibration to achieve your goal?

You start by being happy with what you have NOW.

Surrender to whatever life has already chosen to bless you with up to this point.

Letting go of the desperation is really the only quick way to getting the results you desire.

You get what you want by knowing that you actually DON’T NEED it to be happy – it is a bonus.

A paradox indeed, isn’t it.


Because the usual starting point for most of us is that we want something because, (at least we think), it is what we will need in order for us to be happy.

To turn that round and truly believe that you don’t in fact need anything outside of yourself to be happy…

That is where the REAL work is.

So work on being happy right now, with or without whatever it is you desire.

Then there will be no urgency in getting the results –

you are already happy.

I have even very successfully applied this secret to all of my relationships, and the magic that has occurred in that area of my life is nothing short of miraculous.

Here’s how I have created powerful, lasting love with my children, my parents and siblings, my friends, and Jeff…

I don’t focus my efforts on trying to please them.

Because everyone has constantly changing pleasures.

 Instead, I strive to please LOVE …


I do this by constantly being aware of what love is to each and every person and work on providing THAT to them.

Do this and I promise that you will please what is capable of being loved in one another.

This understanding alone nourishes your love, and in turn love will nourish your life together.

The second way I do this is by teaching and helping each of us to be independent.

Wrongful dependency on one another breeds fear and cruelty.

Instead, learn to depend on love, for love breeds love … and real love is always independent and kind.

Lastly, don’t try to change each other, either subtly or openly.



This creates resentment.



Instead, let the other find his or her way.


This doesn’t mean to condone whatever is seen as being wrong or obviously mistaken.

It simply means don’t condemn one another for a weakness, as love never lashes out but always strives to lift.

SO to sum it all up neatly in a little bite size package for you,

Learn to surrender the attachment to the outcome you seek in order to attract the results you want.

That is the SECRET that changed my life.

Don’t have the ‘I have asked… so where is my stuff?’ attitude.

Rather have the ‘whatever will be, will be’ attitude.




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