Hump Day? Can’t we do better than that?

Since I was a very small little girl, Wednesday’s have been a difficult day for me.

My mom once asked me when I was still a young girl, why I hated Wednesday…

So I explained it to her:

“I don’t like Wednesday because I don’t know if it is the BEGINNING or the END of the week and I feel so confused.”

(Yes, I am a little bit of a perfectionist)

The kids at the school where I work have even noticed that: “Melanie is not as happy on Wednesday as she usually is.”

I think that was the thing that finally SHOOK me out of my stupidity about this day.


If the kids I work with can see a difference in my attitude over something as  innocuous as what day it is…

Then I really needed to admit that I have a problem!

So as I have been working on this problem of mine, I asked for some advice from the very people who made me aware of this problem in the first place, and here is what they said:


So many of life’s problems could be easily solved if we would just take the time to listen to children.

They are still so logical and innocent, and can see the world through eyes that are not clouded by life.

So today’s post will be taken from the advice of the children at Cleveland Elementary. They are in my opinion some of the greatest kids on the planet and I am blessed by them every single day of my life.

(I will not be giving exact quotes, but paraphrasing their advice)

Tip #1:

“Today is a fresh brand new day. Twenty four hours to do whatever your heart desires!”

I loved that one. I could write an entire blog about that one piece of advice.

Think about it…

How great can you make it?

I mean really forget everything on your to do list and let’s commit to making this the very best day ever – until the next one of course!

My next favorite suggestion was:

TIP #2:

“Start with creating your very own Joy. Let go of the same old, same old, and do something new by deciding that today is just for being happy.”

How simple is that?

You simply need to ask yourself,

“What is it that would make my heart sing out loud today?”

Whatever it is, do it!

Call up that friend you haven’t connected with in a long time.

Or go watch a really great movie.

Put on some upbeat music, turn it up and get your body moving.

Let your Spirit soar with joy and passion.

Ignite the greatness living inside of you.

Crank it up.



TIP #3:

For the next 24 hours be different, be daring – you can always go back to your old self tomorrow if you really want to.

Treat yourself to something spectacular, new shoes, a jog in the park, whatever it is, do something just for you.

So I want to add something to this:

Do not – I repeat – do not bring guilt, fear, worry, doubt or judgment along for the ride.

These guys are hardcore party poopers and they will ruin this wonderful day for you.

If you see “should” trying to get your attention, wanting to tag along – look away! (Hopefully they’ll all feel so rejected they won’t even be there when you get back.)

Oh I know some of you are saying, “What if my family thinks I’m crazy?” Smile at them and say, “I’m not crazy, this is what Joy looks like.”


If anyone else you know has any negative comments, who cares, simply look at them and .


TIP #4:

Show others how to be happy.


We all know someone who is negative and toxic. They are that person who always operates from the attitude of, ”life is meant to be hard”. The joyless cynical ones that we all run into from time to time.


Show them how to  to celebrate WONDERFUL WEDNESDAY.

Show them how fun it is when you  can become that kind of person who’s open to celebrating and creating one of the most joyful days for yourself and for others around you.

Once you get in the Spirit go out and spread the Joy – do something you’ve never done before.



TIP #5:

Buy someone a sandwich and give them your time, love and attention even if it’s for 10 minutes.

This idea really made me smile. It reminded me just how important one-on-one attention is to children, and also a funny reminder that a FULL TUMMY = HAPPINESS in the mind of a child.

The sentiment is precious. Feed someone, then sit and listen to them.

Maybe that is why so many experts advise us to have family meals together. It is something that will obviously make your child feel happy, and as all of you parents out there know…

When our kids are happy- so are we!

I hope you enjoy learning how to change Wednesday from



I pray that today’s post made you smile, and that your smile will continue all day.

Now Go share these wise tips with the people in your life today!



I would love to hear your thoughts..please share.

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