Let’s SPRING CLEAN our Fitness routine…It’s almost swimsuit season.


As many of you already know, I embarked on a journey to improve my health and fitness routine three years ago.

When I started I weighed 230 lbs. and wore a size 24.


My health was in the toilet.

Something needed to change…

(ME, and my attitude toward fitness.)

I decided then to take charge of my habits, and get myself back in shape.

Over the past three years I have gone down to a size 9 and feel stronger than I have in years.

So today I wanted to do a post where I share some of my fitness tips with you so that you to can


You may like your regular workout,

but let’s face it…

when we do the same thing every day, It gets BORING!

Our minds get bored, and so does our body.

When this happens we are not getting the most

 For Your


The one thing we all lack is EXTRA TIME.

So if you are going to spend 45 minutes exercising, why not get the most fat and calorie burn possible out of that time your spending?

That’s why spring cleaning isn’t just for your closets — it’s a great idea for your fitness routine, too.

By throwing out the old and embracing the new, you’ll kick-start your metabolism and renew your fitness zest.

Here are a few of my favorite strategies for doing just that.


  1. When it’s nice, get outside  

    Spring and summer are seasons dominated by outside fitness events.  For example, now’s the perfect time if you’ve been wanting to participate in a color run.                                                                                                                                                                         Here are some of my favorite outdoor activities and the calories/hour for each:

Hiking: Up to 370 calories/hour

Tennis: Up to 560 calories/hour

Rock Climbing: Up to 750 calories/hour

Soccer: Up to 700 calories/hour

Canoeing or Kayaking: Up to 850 calories/hour

Frisbee: Up to 210 calories/hour

Swimming: Up to 900 calories/hour

Golf: Up to 400 calories/hour

  1. Add some new strength training into the mix

Many people fall into one of two camps:



(I personally struggle with cardio. I don’t like it at all.

But I could lift weights for hours and never get bored. So I have to force myself to do my cardio every other day.)

But, whichever camp you fall into, now might be the time to dip your toes into the other arena.

When I was first getting started with weights,

I just started simply with squats, planks, and dumbbell rows before graduating to heavier weights and more complex routines.

I started my cardio routine with 15 minutes on the elliptical and gradually increased my duration and worked until I was really pushing it each session rather than worrying so much about the length of time.

I can now go hard on my elliptical for 45 minutes non-stop.

But I have found that by alternating days with cardio and strength I was able to not only shake things up but I noticed that I was giving my body a more rounded routine.

  1. Change your intervals

While spring cleaning your workout routine can mean trying out entirely new activities, you don’t have to throw everything you love out the door.

Instead, give a few new intervals a try.

This was HANDS DOWN the thing that has created the most changes in my body.

I have a really good friend who competes in body building and she told me if I was ever going to get rid of my belly bulge, I HAD to do interval training.

It is hard, but the benefits are so worth the pain.


  1. Switch up the duration

Likewise, it can also be effective to play around with how often and for how long you’re working out.

One week, I will go for two to three long workouts.

The next, I will opt for short, intense sessions.

The next, I will do something in-between.


This chart is a helpful tool to gauge your exertion level so that you can teach yourself how to change things up while still burning fat.


Experimenting in this way will keep your workouts from getting too predictable, and will constantly challenge your body in new ways.


  1. Try a different time

Do you always exercise in the afternoon?


Get up with the early birds a few times this week and be amazed at all that you can get done before your first cup of coffee.

Alternatively, for morning workout aficionados, see for yourself how effective a post-work session at the gym can be for releasing all of that stress that’s built up over the day.

Getting creative with your schedule will keep your workout out of the humdrum zone.


  1. Mix it up with intramural sports                                       Image result for intramural sports                                                          

An intramural sport or activity will force your muscles to move in new and interesting ways, distract you with mental challenges, and even help you make a few new friends.

Joining a softball, or volleyball team can open up a whole new world for you. Not only will you be getting more exercise, but you will meet new people and form new friendships in the process. Which will help with the stress that we all know can wreck havoc on our health.

Image result for intramural sports



  1. Give a few new classes a whirl                                            Image result for zumba      

Likewise, most good gyms offer classes throughout the year, with new schedules released for each season.

If you’ve always wanted to try that yoga or Zumba class, now might be the time.

Fitness instructors are good at what they do!

I have found that when I go to a class, I work out twice as hard as I do at home with a fitness tape that I am doing by myself.

I have found that working out with friends is extremely motivating.

So give it a try…
What have you got to lose?


  1. Set a challenge with a race.                                                         

You may enjoy running, swimming or biking on your own, but if your interest is waning, why not put all of that training to good use and enter a race?

The thing that got me addicted to exercise was when I was training for my very first 5K. I uncovered a new wealth of motivation when I knew my morning jog was preparing me for that first 5K.


  1. Commit to a friend

If you’ve always been a lone wolf, spring is the perfect time to become a more social animal.

A workout buddy is a quick way to inject enthusiasm and accountability into your daily routine.

This is also one of the best benefits of working out at a class too…  A group training class will keep that heart pumping via new and interesting means.

10.   When you’ve hit a rut, a fitness expert is really the best way to roll-out a workout makeover.                                        

Not only will they have a much better idea of what’s possible, but they’ll also help you build variety into your workout so you shouldn’t need to give it an overhaul for quite some time.

Plus, it’s harder to make last minute cancellations when you know you’ve got someone you’re paying waiting for you.

I don’t know about you, but when I have invested my money into something, I am more determined to get what I paid for…

And that’s why this I listed this tip.

When I was first getting started, I needed to do something drastic to make sure I didn’t give up, and for me…

that was forking out the money for a teacher.


How will you freshen up your stale workout?

Let me know in the comments below.






I would love to hear your thoughts..please share.

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