Dig Deep To Make Your Life GROW!

When life challenges you to your core…dig deep.


Sometimes when I look inside myself, it often feels very cluttered and distorted by all the negative chatter going on inside my mind.

Yet, I can sense that there is something below that, within me, if only I am willing to fight to get there.



When I take the time to STOP and allow the clutter to settle down in my mind, What I find is that underneath my fear is a vastness of light that carries the truth about who I really am

Who I really am is love wrapped in a human form.


This is the inner world that I desire to live with. I know that it exists inside me just below my fear.


I just have to be willing to DIG DEEP enough to find it.


Our inner world is as expansive as the Universe and the only thing we need to get in touch with it quickly is a deep soulful breath.


This inner world is intelligent.

It is the world that connects us to everyone else.

It connects us to our desires, dreams, and opportunities for higher learning.

But most importantly it connects us to our Source of love and grace.


Negativity is not intelligent.



Nothing productive comes from the energy of force or negativity.

So many of us get caught in this because it seems to be a natural part of being human.

But what if I told you that there was a way to avoid this?

That there was something you could do that can dissipate it?

If we can connect and dig below the negativity we will find love.


Negativity comes from fear.

Once fear hits the mind, the mind becomes embellished, distorted and negative.

It starts making decisions which create separation and division.

This is no way to love or be loved.

Dig deeper and deeper and the light of who you really are is there just waiting to be discovered, uncovered and used to guide you through all your life situations.

All it takes is the work, commitment and perseverance to believe in your own divinity.

It is not outside of you, it is within you.

Some of the  best lessons I’ve learned in life have happened while I was running.

I don’t really like to run, but as I said the other day, I had to learn to do it anyway if I wanted to get my health back on track.

So if there is one thing I can share with the others,that I learned while running it is “Dig Deep.”

It’s a phrase that I repeat to myself often anytime that I am not feeling very strong.


has carried over into other areas of my life when I felt like the world was handing me way too much.

You don’t have to be a runner to know how to Dig Deep.

(If you are a runner, then you probably already understand what it means).

It’s an inner drive to keep putting one foot in front of the other.

You don’t have to be a

runner though to recognize

and understand how Dig

Deep shows up in your life.


See, Dig Deep really has

more to do with inner the

strength and confidence

that you don’t even know

you own until you need it.


It doesn’t come from a friend or family member.

It comes from within you.

It often appears as if it were stored up in your belly area and is released in the nick of time.


In some of life’s most challenging moments, I’ve had to dig REALLY DEEP.

I left behind friends and loved ones that were determined to keep me small in order to seek a more peace-filled life.

I have traveled to unfamiliar cities, not knowing a single person to show my children how to be brave and adventurous.

I have realized that being alone is so much better than being in relationships that are negative.

I learned to love myself enough that I attracted a man that wants more than anything to make all my dreams come true.

I followed my dreams and became a business owner.

But one thing that has been true through all of life’s ups and downs, was the fact that I had to keep DIGGING DEEPER.

All along the way, I’ve continued to Dig Deep and rely on an inner strength.

At times it’s been a non-audible voice that says, you can do this and it will all be okay.

Other times, it’s been a physical push to keep going, knowing that there is a finish line.

To make CHANGE…

REAL CHANGE in life requires that you be willing to DIG DEEP INSIDE.

You have it.

You Own it.

So NEVER, EVER give up!

Just keep on digging deeper and putting on foot in front of the other,

And watch all the surprising ways your life will begin to GROW!


I would love to hear your thoughts..please share.

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