It takes a lot of pressure to form a Diamond.

“Impossible” is a word that is used by those people who do not have determination to make it possible.

If there is one thing I have learned during the course of my lifetime it is this:

You are only limited by the restrictions you place on yourself.

As a parent, I always instructed my children that “can’t” is not a word in their vocabulary.
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One of my favorite quotes is from Walt Disney. I use it often with my children:
But as a parent, I have tried to do more than just speak poetic words to them. 

I have tried to PROVE to them that if I can dream it I can do it.

My life today is a direct reflection of the dreams I had in my past.
I love my life.
I love the woman I have become.
I am proud of the things I have been able to accomplish in life.

So if I could pass on a piece of wisdom that would define my life for posterity, this would be it…

It takes a lot of pressure to form a diamond, but once it is formed, its beauty and worth are beyond description.

That is what I believe happens when you fight for your dreams.

You create beauty in the world.

You fulfill the purpose you were born to fulfill.

You honor God by becoming the unique and beautiful creation that He knows you can be.

 I’ve tried to share this message with the students at my school.
The children at my church.
And as I have volunteered in the community I always try to speak this truth to whomever I meet.
My simple message about dreaming your life into existence has encouraged them to excel.
What matters most is to believe in yourself and treat others with respect and compassion.
If you fail to do this, your life will never be one filled with promise and beauty.
Respect and compassion are so necessary to living a quality life.
Love who you are and embrace the beautiful creature that God has made.
Make the effort to see your beauty and divinity each and every day.
Don’t let naysayers feed your doubts.
We all have the God-given power within to overcome challenges and rise above any turmoil to succeed.
The key is to believe and have faith that you can.

The hard times you go through are just building, strengthening and preparing you for greatness.

Remember that even the most brilliant diamond was created under extreme pressure.

Be that diamond that shines brilliantly.

With that light you will be able to help others see their very own potential.


I would love to hear your thoughts..please share.

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