Blessings In Disguise CAN Be Hard To See

I have always had a fondness for inspiring legends or tales that have a nugget of wisdom attached.

As a young girl I would devour books about famous people in history.

I loved folk lore, autobiographies, and historical novels.

One of my best friends as a child was the man who ran the bookmobile that would come to my small town once a month.


He would always allow me to check out at least 10 books each month, then he would have me tell him about each one when I returned them.

He helped instill in me a thirst for knowledge that continues today.

One of my favorite stories was a Chinese tale from HuaiNanzi.


I read this particular book when I was in high school, I was studying to do an essay on the different influences that have helped shape the modern world.

The Huainanzi is a book about the successful rule using a balance of broad knowledge, diligent application, and the penetrating wisdom of a sage.

One of my favorite stories in the book was about an old man who lost a horse.

This fable seems very relevant in today’s world:

I will share it with you now.

“One night the horse broke out of its pen and ran away. The man’s son cried, “Father, our prized horse has run away! How could this happen? This must be the worst day of our lives!”

The father smiled and calmly replied, “Is that so? Are you so certain?”

Shortly after the horse came back and along with the single horse came many more and now the poor farmer had a herd of horses. The son happily exclaimed, “Father, our horse has brought us more horses than I ever thought we could have! This is the greatest day of our lives!”

The wise father smiled and said calmly, “Is that so? Are you so certain?”

The next morning the son got up early to try and ride one of the new horses. He was bucked off and broke his leg. The farmer’s son said, “Father, I have broken my leg and now I cannot work in the fields. We may lose our crops. This is the worst day of my life.”

The father smiled and calmly replied, “Is that so? Are you so certain?”

Then war broke out in the state and the government sent soldiers to all the villages to recruit the young men for their front lines. They came to the farmer’s home for his son. They took the horses from him but upon seeing the son’s broken leg they did not take him. After the soldiers had left the village with all the other young men the farmer’s wife said, “This is the happiest day of our lives.”

The father smiled and calmly replied, “Is that so? Are you so certain?”

This reminds me of another one of my favorite books as a child. “A tale of two cities by Charles Dickens.”

The road of life has all kinds of twists and turns that are unforeseen.

What may look like the worst of times may provide the opportunity for something else.

At the same time, it may be during those abundant times when things look like they are all going smoothly that you find your life has suddenly been derailed.

No one is immune to the highs and lows of life.

Those who do best are the ones who know how to handle both in moderation and do not over react when in deep valleys or high peaks.

My mom has a favorite saying, she was a wise woman and used it often, during both good and trying times throughout my childhood. She would stroke my cheek and say,


This taught me that life is what we decide to make it be.

Once you finally understand this whole idea of moderation, you will begin to experience freedom from the bonds that have lead to the emotional roller coaster ride you called your life.

The middle road does not mean to turn your emotions off.

It simply means that you learn how to recognize the power you possess inside your mind to separate yourself from the circumstances you are facing.


Stop reading for just a minute and really let that sink in. Re-read that last part if you need to because it is HUGE!

The reason I want to make sure you get what I just said is because once you understand this truth, all of the outside circumstances, good or bad, will suddenly not feel as climatic and dismal.

You will understand that…They are just circumstances.

You become empowered.

You become wise.

When you get that, you will have just uncovered the lost treasure that will allow you to live an abundant life.

A life filled to the brim with experiences, and the wisdom to enjoy them when they are good…


To learn from them when they may not be so good.

I have a very dear friend who has faithfully served our country for over 20 yrs in the United States Army. He is a loyal husband, a dedicated father and a faithful friend.

He has been struggling since retiring from the Army to find a civilian job because he has gained so many skills in the Army that many companies felt he was OVER-qualified, and would not hire him.

He has handled this difficult situation like the true Soldier he is, and I could not be more proud to call him my friend.

Last night he told Jeff and I that he has finally found a job.

So today, I want to dedicate this post to Him.

Congratulations Kip!

You are an example to us all!

You show by example how to take the good and the bad in stride.



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