A different way to view MONEY


Love first.


No matter what.

Today, I would like to approach the subject of MONEY from a completely different angle.

That angle involves adding love into the equation.


• We need to Learn to love money correctly.

Understand that Every dollar you earn is a unit of appreciation:

You added some kind of value to someone’s life with your money.

Be grateful, not greedy.

I lived as a single mother of four for nearly nine years, so money issues were a central part of my life.

Money occupied my thoughts for the better part of every day.

I have experienced money from the position of:






and abundance.

Through all those experiences I have developed a very definitive attitude toward money and its actual place in my life.

So for today…

I would love to share my beliefs with you.

It is my prayer that after reading this post, you will have the information you need to begin assigning money the proper position in your life.

• Love first.

Never put money first – it has no heart.

The first and most important lesson is that money should NEVER be more important than the people in your life. EVER!

Once it becomes #1, your life will spiral out of balance faster that you can imagine.



Learn to love keeping track of your money EVERY DAY– what comes in from where, what goes out to where –

This makes it possible for you to track your personal spending trends.

• Learn to love changing your money trends so you can use money for love more efficiently.

Once I started to monitor where my money was coming from and where it was going to, I was better equipped to make CONSCIOUS decisions about how I spent it.

This has allowed me to more fully live by the 80/20 principle that is in line with Gods design for money.

• Love integrity: Do what you say, or don’t say it.

This idea not only applies to money, but life in general. If you are a flake with your words, you will also be a flake with your money.

Learn to discipline your life in a manner that you never make a promise, or spend money that you cannot afford to repay.

• Love honesty.

Don’t make excuses. Excuses weaken you and make you hate yourself.

How can you love and trust yourself if you are constantly telling lies?

Learn to accept responsibility for your choices. By taking full responsibility for EVERYTHING in your life, you will gain not only the respect from your peers, but you will learn to trust yourself in ways that are life changing.

• Love your heart’s deepest intentions.

Choose only the intentions you love to fulfill.

Ditch the ones you don’t.

Your heart will soar.

This is especially powerful when applied to your finances. By becoming intentional with your money and spending it on the things that are worthy of the effort it took to earn that money, you will find that money losses its hold over your life.

You will begin to control it, rather than being controlled BY it.


• Learn to love receiving help from others.

 If you are ill or down, remember there really are people who love taking care of you.

Allow it.

You’re not a burden to everybody.

This was a powerful lesson I learned in the weeks following Victor’s death. By letting people take care of me, I learned the value of compassion.

• Learn to love saying “thank you”, and receive gifts graciously.

It is mathematically impossible for everyone to give and no one to receive.

Learn to love receiving just as much as you do giving. We are meant to be on both sides of this line!

• Learn to love your emotions.

 Avoid holding them back –

when you do, you end up feeling






Your imbalance affects everyone around you.

This is probably one of the biggest tips today. Learning to embrace each and every emotion that you feel will make you a joy to be around. You will experience mental health that is beyond any description.


• Learn to love planning with love.

Ask yourself, “How will this activity/project impact me and others? How can I make the impact as beneficial as possible?”


• Learn to love to forgive. Forgiving means to fore-give 

Love is given before anything else.

Yes, it’s hard to forgive sometimes.

We are every one of us, however, doing the best we can.

This is especially true when it comes to financial mistakes. Forgive yourself. Learn from the mistake. Then MOVE ON!


I hope that my words today will in some small way easy your financial burden. If not literally, then at least emotionally.

Before I end I want to ask a very simple question:

What does Lead with Love really mean?

For me, it means that you consider what your very best self would think, say, do, and want – first – before you take any action.

This way, you conquer both life and death.

Because if you lead with love as you live, your heart will feel content and full.

If you lead with love as you face and walk into the Other Side, your heart will feel content and full.

You will know without a doubt that you are leading and have led the most loving life possible.

That my friends, is how you conquer money, and live your life with a clean heart.





2 thoughts on “A different way to view MONEY

  1. I was going to write a very similar blog today! Well said, I completely agree. People have started to idolise money without thinking about the consequences: as you say where it’s come from and where it’s going. It’s nice to have some perspective 🙂

    1. I am excited to hear that both of us felt drawn to this subject today. I will share your post on my blog when you get it written, let me know and I will share. I don’t think there is enough said about the love-money connection. But for me, I have found that when I keep my finances aligned with love, I never seem to have any money worries. Its a beautiful promise from the Lord and he is faithful at keeping his promises.

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