Faux Wood In Livingroom

Our livingroom has these amazing floor to ceiling windows. They are such a fun feature in our home so I wanted to add some really fun character to them that would make them look more like the kind of windows you would find in an old Spanish Style home.

So I faux painted a mahogony wood grain around them to give them the appearance of old wood beams.

I also carried the wood beams over to the small pony wall going down to our basement to give our home the comfortable feel that only wood can create.

Here are the pictures…

livingroom window wood grain base coat




In this picture, I have base coated the area in a light yellow paint to give the wood the yellow undertones it needs. Then I took a small paint brush with black paint and made the beginnings of the wood grain and knots.

livingroom window glazed





In this picture, I have added two layers of “GEL GLAZE” to them. I used golden oak, and mahogony glaze to add the next layer to the wood.

Our living room windows now look like they have been framed in with big mahogony beams. This instantly gave our home the feel of an Old Spanish Style house.

But to complete the feel I needed to carry the beams over to the staircase.

So here are the pictures of the pony wall.

pony wall before







Here it is, white and uninteresting…

But wait till you see it all finished.

pony wall finished






Let me know what you think about the changes to our home in the comment section below.




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