Latest pictures of the NEw House Remodel

This is my laundry room cupboards.

When we bought the house everything had a fresh coat of white paint on it. I have nothing against white paint, but I wanted a little bit more personality for our new home.

Here are the cupboards BEFORE

laundry cupboards before






See they look pretty nice as they are, but I had a vision for the beauties they COULD be.

So I started by lightly adding medium broun brush strokes to them that would mimick wood grain.

Here is what they looked like after the brown paint was added.

laundry cupboards 2nd step







They look quite different already, but Jeff and I are decorating our new house with a distinct Spanish flair, so I still have one more step to accomplish the look I am dreaming of.

The next step was to dry brush a small amount of turquoise paint over the top of the brown to give them the look of old wood that had lost most of it’s original color.

Then I found some really fun handles for the doors.

Here are the finished Doors.

laundry cupboards finished








I would love to hear your thoughts..please share.

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