Display Case For Jeff

This is a display case that I made for Jeff. He had the top of the case and the drawers already, but I just knew that with a little extra work, I could create a display case for his rock collection that would house his treasures in a unique way.

Again, I made this case with the Spanish style of our home in mind.

Here are the before and after pictures.

display case top before




So this is the top piece that Jeff already had his rocks in.

I sanded the shine off of the finish to make it look a lot older and added an arrow and drawer pull to it.

display case drawer before




Here is the plain particle board drawers that Jeff also already had. I painted them to match the weathered tourquoise wood that is scattered throughout our home and added some fun drawer pulls that I painted to look like aged silver.

display case after







Then I mounted the entire thing on a base made out of 2×4’s. I built the base that would hold the top of the case so that it was the same size as the drawers. Then we added small sections of legs to add even more character to the entire piece.

display case next to pictures








Here it is, all set up next to the Pueblo images that I painted earlier for our new home.

Now Jeff can proudly show off his extensive rock collection.

He has rocks from all over the world displayed inside this case.




I would love to hear your thoughts..please share.

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