Happy Pills and other life lessons…

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I was talking to an acquaintance today.

He asked me if I was happy in my new home and marriage.

I told him that YES, I was extremely happy.

In fact, I informed him that it feels like I have just won the LOVE LOTTERY!

 “You seem happy,” he observed. 

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This encounter got me thinking about the difference in peoples attitudes.

What leads one person to a positive outlook on life, and another to a negative one?

Even two people from the same family, living in the same town, with the same friends, can have two very different attitudes.

Why is that?

Is there some kind of special routine that promotes happiness?

Maybe it is the food they eat?

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I know when I can feel myself begin to feel run down and tired, I will take a vitamin B-12 to help restore balance to my body

Could it be something as simple as that. Could a vitamin be the answer to this riddle?

I think we all know that the answer to that question is NO, but what I do believe is this…

Happiness is something to be nourished, paid attention to and cultivated.

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I have several people in my life who seem almost DETERMINED to be UN-Happy.

They love to complain about every little thing in life that does not go their way.

They are convinced that the world owes them something.

Nothing is ever their fault. When there is a problem, they always look to someone else for the reason. They never seem to look at their own contribution to the problem.

They live their life confined inside a prison cell of their own making, where they are controlled by the need to be a victim.

I know there have been studies that show some people are born with happier dispositions than others.


There are also many studies that suggest there are things we can do to promote happiness.

And that my friends is the BEST news in the whole wide world.

I’ve been thinking of a way that I could compress this idea into a capsule form, like my vitamin B-12,

and this is what I have come up with…

As I am a lover of words and try hard to live a spirit-centered life, I have composed a list of  12 words that begin with the letter “B” which I have found very helpful to my own sense of happiness.

I offer them in hopes they inspire a few Vitamins (promoters of vitality) of your own.


A sense of belonging is so important to happiness, and is something we need to cultivate through building strong ties with our family, friends, community, workplace, world at large.


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   Beloved is a name for the divine spacious presence we carry in our hearts and whose eternal and infinite presence holds us in His heart too.

  Beloved is a word for home. 

Beloved is also a name for our lovers, our children. 

Beloved is a word that cherishes relationships and an intimate sense of belonging.    


These B’s are simple. You only need to learn to turn the eye, the heart and the mind to look for and perceive the sacredness of the world. 

There is beauty and sacred perfection everywhere you look. 


This is the unique path that is yours- the gift or talent that is yours to give to the world.  Those who are in touch with their gift, and who have learned to follow their bliss, are among all who can call themselves happy. 

#6: BIRTH:

This is not only a word that marks the beginning of our life.

It is also a word for creativity- for channeling the energy of Life through you and into the world.



As happiness is often a result of our thoughts and the stories we tell ourselves, what we believe shapes our perspective of reality.  I’ve learned that I have beliefs that uplift me…

and those that limit me. 

I’ve learned to question my assumptions, then how to keep the good ones, and let the negative ones go. 


To perceive bounty, plenty, abundance, and to live your life from love as opposed to scarcity is a definite happiness booster.  

Never allow yourself to forget the laws of nature…Good begets Good and Bad begets Bad.


Happy people count their blessings. 

They have learned the power of gratitude. 

And they have also learned the power of blessing. 

If there is something that you can not count as a blessing, bless it and ask for God to help you heal the issue. 

#10: BREATH:

A simple practice I use to invoke happiness is to breathe in goodness on an inhale, and breathe out pain on an exhale. 

When I focus my attention on inhaling goodness, and ridding myself of pain on the exhale, I have found that my attitude immediately improves.

We are blessed with over ten thousand breaths a day.  Imagine how much goodness you can inhale! 🙂



We are all blessed to live in a world that is bigger than we can even comprehend. What a wonderful word to have on our list.

 #12: BEGIN:

Begin is a word that says don’t let your fearful mind talk you out of pursuing your passions and living your dreams. 

Happy people know how to begin and, when necessary, begin again.

Whatever you can do or dream you can, BEGIN it.

So there you have my Vitamin B-12 Word list.

We now have a vitamin that can recharge our bodies. 


A a list of 12 powerful B Words that can recharge our mind.



I would love to hear your thoughts..please share.

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