Magic VS Mundane… What will your choice be?

I have been invited to speak at my class reunion this weekend.

It has been 25 years since we graduated, so I wanted to write a very eloquent speech that would uplift and inspire everyone to continue to reach for the stars for another 25 years…

But who am I to inspire anyone?

My life for the past 25 years has been kind of like one of those novels that you pick up at a truck stop…

My life has been one chapter after another filled with joy, sorrow, success and failure…

I guess all of our lives have probably been like that to some degree or another…

So I decided to write about the one thing I know for sure and that is that there is no better approach to living a fulfilling and meaningful life than to develop the habit of looking for the MAGIC that lies ever-present all around us—and within us—in each and every moment of each and every day.

Occasionally we’re surprised by a magical moment Such as  the joyful, uninhibited giggling of a three-year-old that goes right to our heart—

OR when an unusually beautiful sunrise takes our breath away.

But if we’re willing to look…
I believe that these magical moments are waiting to be discovered in EVERY situation.

Every moment is a miracle!

And to the degree that we forget this simple fact, we lose ourselves in mediocrity, conflict, and suffering.

Even painful circumstances inevitably hold within them a hidden magic with the potential to transform and uplift in ways we might never have imagined in our more unconscious hours.

Pain is a natural aspect of life,

But suffering is a choice,

Albeit often an unconscious one.


When my son died, The last thing I was thinking of was the hidden magic that held any potential for my future.

At that time, I was just barely hanging on to my sanity…

One of the ways that I choose to deal with my loss was to paint a mural in the elementary school.








That one simple decision has led me down a road that I could never have imagined.

On my own, I could never have imagined the places that the mural in the school would eventually take me.


By choosing to be aware of the magic of the moment…

Even a moment as sad as that one was for me,

I was able to break free from the prison of fear, resentment, regret, hatred, and hostility.

I was able to somehow find the strength inside of myself to finally liberate me and my children from that world of pain and loss and emerge into a world of wonder, joy, inspiration, gratitude, and compassion.

By looking for the MAGIC, we find the tools necessary to leave behind both the guilt and resentment of the past as well as the anxiety and worry over an anticipated future.

Living in the PRESENT MOMENT is where the true magic always resides.

Pay attention to the magic inherent in your outer circumstances. And watch how your life naturally begin to reflect the peace and gratitude of acceptance as well as the power and insight to transform those difficult situations we all must eventually face.

Begin to pay attention to the magic inherent in other people. When you begin to do this you will see that where you once saw fault, threat, offense, and irreparable differences, you will begin to see innocence, beauty, humanity, and common ground.


Imagine living your life with the ability to offer aid and to connect sincerely with compassion and respect.

As we pay attention to the magic inherent in ourselves, we discover our previously un-imagined, un-tapped potential and our capacity to effect others in simple but profound ways.

In our hectic modern-world struggle to get ahead, I understand how you may feel that it’s far too easy to dismiss the search for magic as a possibly pleasant… but nonetheless impractical triviality with no real lasting value.

In reality, awareness of the magical may be the most rational and practical choice we can make.

In reality, the choice of openness to the magic of the moment evokes a clarity of thought and purpose which allows for far more effective and meaningful decisions and actions than are possible from our normal perspective of “have-to’s” and “can’t’s”.

This is the world of inspiration,


and certainty of purpose.

It’s the world where we begin to realize our true potential rather than remaining enmeshed in the mediocrity of self-imposed limitation.

In each moment, the choice is ours—

for the magical,

or for the mundane.

What will your choice be?

Here’s to the NEXT 25 years!





I would love to hear your thoughts..please share.

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