Are you living in your imagination…or do you experience a REAL connection with life?


How Much time do you spend every day on “Auto Pilot”?

You know what I mean…

You stand in line waiting for something interesting to happen…

going through whatever motions that particular moment in time demands…

The entire time that we are PHYSICALLY “standing there”… mentally we are a million miles away.

We may be thinking of the next meal.

Or where we want to go on vacation.

Or how pathetic our lives seem…

We rarely even notice the people standing in line right next to us.

I want you to stop for just a second and honestly think of how often you find yourself experiencing this type of duality.

Please understand I am not asking this to INCRIMINATE you, in fact my intent is quite the opposite, I am wanting to simply open your eyes to the ways that you are wasting precious moment of your life.


Most of us don’t spend very much time living in the REAL world.

We are spending most of our time inside our imagination.


Let that truth sink in for just a second


Allow yourself to accept the fact that by living in our imagination, we are missing out on the very things that we all want most of all…

A REAL connection with the people and events in our lives!

Think about it: We all seek after pretty much the same things,

we all desire to experience unconditional love-

To know simple joys-

And to grow stronger in spirit.

We all know that if we can just have these few simple things we will experience the unlimited freedom that comes from realizing that we are one with our spirit.

So what is blocking most of us from ever touching these few illusive treasures in life?

That is a tricky answer my friends, because it requires that you be in the right place to receive them!

If we truly desire a life that is REAL- A life filled with an  awareness of the countless miracles that we encounter each and every day that give life its richness and meaning, then we must be ready when it shows up on our doorstep.

If we are not living our lives from a place where we have the freedom to be real,

to be present,

and to live from our authentic self,

then we will miss the knock at our door when these blessings arrive.

As I look back over the past 20 years of my life it is so clear to me that all of the pain, abuse, and loss that I lived with for so long have been preparing me to accept the blessings that now surround me in my life.

Without the abusive marriages I experienced, I may not have been aware of the tremendous man that Jeff is. I might have missed out on all the love and passion that we share because I would not have been present and aware of his qualities.

But because I have lived with the opposite kind of man, and suffered abuse and betrayal, I am fully aware of the blessing that he is, and therefore I take the time to be really present with him in every way possible.

me and jeff




Without the loss of my son to suicide, I might not appreciate the time I have with my other children. I might get so busy and forget to kiss them, and tell them how much they mean to me. I might not understand how fleeting and precious my time with them really is, and never take the time to be alone with each and every one of them, talking and laughing and experiencing life together.

But because I know firsthand just how painful it is to bury a child, I treasure each and every moment with my children. I enjoy a very close and loving relationship with all four of my children because my relationship with them is a precious gift that I treasure.






Without knowing what it feels like to be homeless, I might forget to be thankful for the beautiful home that I now live in. I might take its security for granted, and complain to Jeff that it isn’t big enough, or good enough and in doing so hurt him and damage the love that we have.

But because I have been homeless, I know that any roof over my head is wonderful, and I am even more thankful because the home that Jeff and I share is a very nice and comfortable home that meets all of our needs and even most of our wants.

I am so very grateful for the blessings I am currently enjoying on the mountain top of life now BECAUSE I spent time walking in the valley and endured the excruciating climb to the top of this mountain.

I know that I may very well find myself once again in the valley, but I now have the wisdom and faith necessary to travel the valley with courage and strength.

I would not change one moment in my life, because they have worked so perfectly together to weave a beautiful tapestry full of synchronicity, and supernatural assistance that have combined with the pain and suffering to create a beautiful life.

A life that I am fully engaged with, and appreciate each and every moment.


I would love to hear your thoughts..please share.

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