I got out of my head and into life…Now what?

For the past two days I have been talking about how to live a more authentic life by getting out of your head and actively participating in your life.


So today I am going to give you some really great action steps that you can take to really cement those ideas I have given you this week.

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The first thing you need to remember is this:

You have something special to share with the world.

Write notes with that sentence on it and post them all over your house, your office, your car, anywhere you spend a lot of time.

I want you to really search your heart so that you can discover for yourself that you really do in fact have something very special to share with the world.

Remember that it’s up to you to figure out what it is about you that is special and unique.

And then once you figure out what exactly that is for you…

I want you to commit to going out into the world where you can share that with as many people as you can!

Once you start living your life from a REAL perspective, you will find that your natural talents will begin to surface almost on their own.

But if you really don’t know what your special gift to the world is?

One of the best ways to discover what makes you passionate is to take a look at the people you admire.

Think about what it is they are being, doing, or having that you wish for yourself and then go after those things in your own life with a passion.

You must do this, even if it scares you, because you are here to help.

I am willing to bet that the people you admire are on your list because of the contribution they have made in your life, or the life of someone you know.

Very few of us admire a person because of their cruelty and selfishness, Right?

So find those traits that you are drawn to in others, and I am willing to bet, that you yourself possess those very same traits, but have just never brought them to the surface and shared them with the world.

Each one of us is here to realize our connection with others and our world through service and compassion.

If you hold the intention to serve in your heart, you’ll be astounded by the doors that open for you.

Once you have gotten really clear on your dreams and purpose, the next step will be to make a list of your fears, and then commit to facing them one by one.

Start with baby steps and move from there.

Fear occupies a lot of our mind.

I once kept a little notebook in my pocket so that I could simply put a tick mark on a piece of paper every time I felt FEAR, in one day, I accumulated over 30 tick marks. I bet if you did the same experiment, your results would be very similar to mine.

That was a big moment for me.

Getting control over your fears will transform you  into the person you were always meant to become.

Speaking of that person, strive to be your most authentic self in each and every moment.

Say what’s on your mind and tell others how you feel, even when it feels uncomfortable to do so because you may never have that chance again.

I have learned through my experiences that by making myself vulnerable I was finally able to know the depth of connection with others that was possible.

As an abused woman, I had learned how to hide from the world, so it was a really big step for me when I decided to stop hiding and start speaking about Victor’s suicide with strangers. That area of my life is extremely painful and I am very vulnerable when it comes to that subject.

But I knew that I could help others who were going through a similar situation find healing and peace like I was able to do.

But in order to help, I had to be willing to talk.


So now we have found our unique gift, and faced our fears…so what is the next step?

Show the world what makes you uniquely YOU.

Maybe it’s your love of crazy hair colors.

Or you might have one of those dry senses of humor.

Or a penchant for skipping down sidewalks.

If you stop worrying about how others might judge you and start being yourself, (opinions be damned), you’ll be surprised by how warmly you’re received.

If trauma, societal expectations, or stress have severed your connection to your true self, recall your earliest memories.

Allow “child-you” to lead you back to your essence.

While you’re doing all of these things, most importantly, be present.

The time to wake up and begin consciously living your life is NOW.



Within you lies the power to slow the passage of time.

Life contains an infinite number of moments; the trick is simply to notice them.

When you’re speaking with another person, look into their eyes and give them the gift of your full attention.

Accept each person, moment, and situation just as it is. By releasing expectations, you unlock the chains of dissatisfaction and grant yourself the freedom to be happy.

Image result for unlock the chains

When your mind wanders from the present moment, gently coax it back by focusing on your breath.

Training attention is no different than training a muscle.

With continued practice, you can begin to consciously choose your responses to people and situations rather than reacting to them.

And this, my friend, is when you finally begin to LIVE.

Don’t go back to sleep..


I would love to hear your thoughts..please share.

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