They say, “CONFIDENCE IS KEY”… But what is it the key to?

I love to read little quotes that inspire me to be a better person, but sometimes, when I read something it really makes me STOP and think for a moment.

This was one of those quotes today.

I guess It hit me hard because I have spent so many years feeling insecure and inferior to everyone. I honestly believed that I was “LESS THAN” other people.

My life was a reflection of that belief too.

People treated me like I was LESS THAN.
Life treated me like I was LESS THAN.
I treated my body like it was LESS THAN.

Five years ago, I decided to stop hiding from life and step out into the light and share my experiences with whoever cared to listen.

I decided to share my art with whoever was interested.

And in the process of sharing, I began to discover that I was a pretty amazing person that deserved to have a life that was GLORIOUS!

So that is why I want to talk about the chain reaction that CONFIDENCE will create in your life, and why it is the KEY to a life that is Glorious.


When you have confidence you’ll believe in yourself.
When you believe in yourself you’ll have less fear and you’ll achieve more.

You’ll go after your goals and you’ll succeed.

That’s because when you believe in yourself
you’ll attract people who believe in you and they’ll help you succeed.

Then you’ll have even more confidence

And will now be able to achieve even more than you expect.

So aim to be more confident.

With confidence you can do just about anything.
When you’re more confident you’ll also make the right choices.

When you’re not confident,

When you don’t believe in yourself
you’ll, struggle, fail, and make the wrong choices.

Confidence is not something you were born with.

Confidence is something you develop over time.


Confidence is about how you see yourself and
what you think of yourself.

If you focus on all that is wrong with you and what you
cannot do or cannot achieve you’ll never have any confidence.

If you constantly beat yourself up,
think you’re no good,
not capable of achieving anything,
not able to do what you want,
then you end up creating a negative self-image and
you develop a lack of confidence and low self-esteem.

The first thing to accept is that the negative thought pattern that creates your low self-confidence is not something you were born with any more than you were born with confidence.

They are both just a thought process that you personally have developed over time.

Negative thoughts won’t allow you to enjoy high
self-confidence and get what you want.

They will produce more of the same negative situations and reactions in other people that you are presently experiencing.

So how exactly can you change or eliminate that negative thinking pattern and
have more confidence?

Start by changing the way you see yourself.

Focus on the things you’re able to do and the things that you do well.

Think of the past successes you’ve had, no
matter how small, and use those past successes as
building blocks to new success.

past success

Regularly think about the qualities you
like in yourself and work toward improving those that you don’t.


Create affirmations that make you more confident
I know this can be tricky at first, after all you want to get the
right affirmations and the right statements.

So as you can see building confidence is a lot like playing with building blocks.

One block added to another will eventually create a structure that resembles the image you intended to create.

Stop seeing Confidence as something you cannot have, and just start building it one block at a time, and watch the chain reaction it creates in your life.

When you do that I promise that you will naturally think less about all that is wrong with you and why you can’t succeed, and start seeing more of the reasons why you CAN succeed.


So develop the confidence you need to enjoy life, so that you get what you want,

so that you meet the right person,

so that you make more money,

so that you make the right choices.



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