Today I am going to do something a little different. I am going to share a email that I recieve daily from one of my favorite authors, Guy Finley.

When I read this email today, I knew I had to share his wisdom wisdom with all of you.

If you don’t know who Guy Finley is, “GOOGLE” him and get acquainted.

He is fantastic!

Here is his email from today:

On the Other Side of the Emptiness You Fear Waits the Wholeness You Long For
There is no worse, nor more terrifying moment for those who are always in a hurry than to suddenly find themselves with nothing left to do!

Step Out of the Rush and Into Relaxed Living

The following five lessons contain special insights into the invisible pressure-filled states that cause human beings to run themselves ragged.
The more clearly we can see that it’s impossible to reach a place of rest by rushing to get there, the sooner we’ll arrive at the true solutions that allow us to relax, slow down, and realize the relaxed pace of an inwardly liberated life.
Study each of these lessons to not only find the courage you need to step out of the rush, but also to awaken to a whole new order of yourself that gets everything done without you doing yourself in!
1. Anyone who rushes through life always finishes last! This is a truth unseen by the masses, but evident to those weary of going nowhere fast. You race as you do to escape the unhappiness you feel being where you are, running toward what you imagine will free you from that dissatisfaction. But such races are always lost before they begin because you can’t outrun yourself!
2. You are well on your way to reclaiming your original fearless Self when you find your source of peace and contentment in just being alive.
3. Rushing through life lends the one who habitually hurries the feeling of being “important,” but loans such as these come at the high cost of always having to justify one’s unkindness — like when we have to convince ourselves that our impatience with others is a necessary evil along the way to that “greater good” toward which we think we run.
4. The main reason it’s wise to listen to one’s own heart — whenever we can step out of the rush and remember to do so — is because there’s much more to be learned from the parts of us that don’t “speak” in words . . . than those that do.
5. The most important thing to remember whenever you find yourself in a mad rush is that what you are really trying to get to is a quiet mind . . . a peaceable state of Self reached only by realizing there is no place more empowering for you to be than in the present moment


I would love to hear your thoughts..please share.

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