Spend Time Alone

Don’t be afraid to spend some time alone and get to know who you really are!

Source: Spend Time Alone


2 thoughts on “Spend Time Alone

  1. You’re right. There was once I stayed away from social media and my phone and any electronic item for a month bcs somewhere in me knew that I CAN survive without them and through the moments of being “deprivation”, I found an alternative to spend my time on such as writing and reading and finding myself back through all these. I feel like the Internet is ruining our lives without us even realizing it and it’s time to not let it control us. The social media and its pressure, the people (even your friends!) can actually impact you in negative ways if you were to realize… As for me, I only realized I was better off without them once I decided to take a break from school and travel around the world to enjoy solitude and breathe easily bcs, people suffocate me most of the time

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