The Quest For The Holy Grail…or at least it is my version of the quest. :)



Those words are the treasure map for My personal “Quest for the Holy Grail”.

So many of us spend much of our lives searching for happiness and peace of mind.

Those two things are the

“Holy Grail” that we all seek to discover.

Some will search their entire lives and never find them.

The reason they will fail in this quest is simply because they are looking in all the wrong places.

They seek happiness and peace of mind by using every ounce of strength they have to acquire certain amounts of material wealth and possessions.

Falsely believing that the “Holy Grail” lies there.

While it is TRUE that these things can bring us temporary pleasure, they don’t bring us real happiness, or peace of mind.

If we want to be happy and at peace, then we need to look somewhere else.

For me the quest must begin with the words of Jesus 2,000 years ago, he taught us that  whatever we sow, so shall we reap.

Those words are just as relevant today as they were over 2,000 years ago, no matter what your spiritual faith.

When I was in my twenties and thirties and I was going through all my struggles with marriage and the abuse of my son, I sometimes treated people with contempt, disrespect, and belligerence.

I felt that I was justified in my actions because my life was in such a state of turmoil that it only made sense that I be angry…RIGHT?

As I look back at those years and my attitude, I can see so clearly now that a big reason I was being so mistreated by life was because I was mistreating everyone in my life.

My world was filled with unkind people, and situations, and at the time  I never realized that much of this was of my own doing.


If there is one thing I want my readers to know it is this:

We alone are responsible for our lives!

We single-handedly determine the quality of the life we live by our thoughts and attitudes.

Today, as a woman in her forties, I advocate living by more wholesome principles such as love, kindness, and compassion.

love and kindness

I will be the first to acknowledge that these ideals can be a challenge to implement.

Fortunately, we have many tools to help us live by these principles.

Among them are deep listening,

Mindful speech,

Silent meditation,

And Prayer, which to me is the most important tool we have.

Another stumbling block that I have encountered on my own quest for the “Holy Grail” has been that I tend to not  listen closely to what other people are saying to me.

I am usually thinking about how I’m going to respond, 


my mind is on something entirely different from the conversation.

I feel so guilty when I catch myself doing this, especially to my children. I have learned to stop my thoughts dead in their tracks and apologize to whomever I am ignoring, and admit that I didn’t hear a word they said, and then I let them know that since they are so important to me, I would like them to repeat what they said so I can really hear them.

This time, I make sure that they have my undivided attention.

I have also learned to accept the fact that people don’t always need to hear my opinions.

That belief comes directly from the need of MY very own ego.

Deep listening can improve all of your relationships tremendously.

Listen closely to what people say, and resist the temptation to respond.

When you truly listen to someone, you send a clear message that what they have to say is important.

I have found that, being heard can be more healing than offering a solution to a problem, especially to a young child.

If a conversation does require a response, think carefully about what to say, and how to say it.

In the past, I offended so many people by speaking before I allowed myself to absorb what they were saying and their body language as they said it.

I could have avoided so many difficulties if I had only understood that mindful speech is very powerful.

Mindful Speech is simply choosing your words and tone carefully, so that they bring peace and harmony to your relationships.

A few kind words can truly brighten someone’s day.

Both deep listening and mindful speech are easier to practice if your mind is calm.

This is where the role of silent prayer and meditation come into play.

The main reason many of us have a racing mind is that we’re always stimulating it through constant activities.

It is almost as if we are afraid of the silence.

But if you meditate anything like I do, it won’t be “silent” at all. My mind is buzzing with all the information that I have been to busy to observe. When I slow down and just “listen” to my thoughts, I find such perfect clarity inside the apparent chaos.

I really want to encourage you to take the time to sit quietly and follow your breathing. Allow the thoughts to enter and then leave with your breath. This eliminates any judgement of your thoughts, yet it will still allow you to take notice of them in a peaceful, calm manner.

REMEMBER: Meditation does not require perfection, just a break from the mental stimulation.

When your mind wanders off, just keep bringing it back to your breath.

Practicing 5-10 minutes a day like this can have a profound effect on your health, relationships, and peace of mind.

I think you’ll be amazed at how these simple practices will transform your life.

You’ll discover a whole new world of love, kindness, and compassion, and you’ll reap the happiness and peace of mind you so deserve.

And that my dear friends, is the path I followed to my very own discovery of the

“Holy Grail”


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