So you found the Holy Grail…Now what do you do with it?


Yesterday I talked about my own personal quest for the “HOLY GRAIL” of peace and happiness.

I shared how I believe many people will never find their very own “HOLY GRAIL” because they are looking in all the wrong places for peace and happiness.


If there is one common thread that I try to insert into each and every blog I write it would be this:

We alone are responsible for the quality of life we enjoy!

So today, I intend to take yesterday’s topic and expand on it a little further by sharing a few ideas on how once you discover your Holy Grail, how you can then take that peace and happiness that you have discovered in your own life and then begin to share it with the world.

We have all been blessed with unique and special gifts that we alone possess.

If you are one of the lucky few who have stumbled upon your God Given gift, then I want to encourage you to share it with as many people as possible, through any means necessary.

As many of you know, my son Victor committed suicide nine years ago.

My life back then was not the same life it is today.

I owe a big debt to my son because his choice opened my eyes to just how precious and fragile this life really is.

I vowed to honor his life by making mine as beautiful as he was.

I vowed to create a home for his four remaining siblings that he would be proud of.

I vowed to find happiness no matter how treacherous the road to happiness may become, I promised Victor that I would stay the course until I was successful.

I vowed to share his story with the world so that if even one life could be spared by hearing about him, then we would know that his choice had some kind of purpose, and was not just simply a “MOMENT OF INSANITY, THAT DESTROYED HIS LIFE.”

So today, I am going to share with you how I was able to go from a battered and broken woman who was mourning the death of her child, to a woman filled with Hope, peace, and genuine happiness.

My first and desperate attempt to find peace was actually a very simple idea: Follow my passions.

I have always loved to paint. So that is where I started.


It was amazing to me how one simple decision to paint murals in two of the bathrooms at the school I worked in would literally change my life, and open doors for me that I could NEVER have imagined.

The murals weren’t anything spectacular, they were just simple little signs indicating BOYS/GIRLS, but they changed my life!

So today, I want to really encourage you to spend as much time as possible following your passions.

You NEVER know where YOUR passions will take you!

Remember that time, after all, is our most valuable resource, so spend it wisely doing what you love.

Why waste precious days and years doing something that doesn’t make us happy?

So often, we judge ourselves based on how much money we make from our job, how big our house is, or what kind of car we drive. The reality though, is that none of this matters in the long run.

People will only remember you by the type of impact you had on the world.

If you don’t believe me, take Maya Angelou, for example.

She will forever be remembered as a innovator in thought.

Her powerful words changed lives.

She will live on for a long long time through her words.

Her impact on the world is priceless.

She followed her passion and made a difference in the world.

Have you heard of the rich guy down the street who passed away the other day? Probably not.

We are often told we first have to go to school, then get a job, and finally retire.

That is our life.

I was following that pattern perfectly, and I was miserable!

By fitting into society, I was literally missing out on truly following my passion and discovering my purpose in this world.


It is VITAL that you begin today to use whatever time you have to make your dreams come true, and do something meaningful.


Simply being happy isn’t the same thing as living with passion and meaning.

Anybody can be happy for a short time.

I can buy you a new car and make you happy – but that is only temporary happiness.

Living a life full of passion and meaning is much more permanent.

I recently read a study in the Psychology today magazine that found that four out of ten people do not know the meaning of their lives.

Clearly, these people have not found what they are passionate about.

They may be happy, but they are not living a life full of meaning.

And trust me…A life filled with purpose is a

You will just naturally begin to attract things, people, and circumstances to your life that will ignite your fire even more.

You will literally become a magnet for all the good things in life that you have been dreaming of.

As I look back, I can see how one simple choice to paint a two walls changed my life.

Looking back it is obvious to me that the reason that mural had that much power was because I was finally for the first time sharing my passion with the people in my life.

I had stepped out of the shadows and was finally ready to show the world just how bright and beautiful I could be.

Today,  promise yourself that you will make it a point to reflect on what your true passion is.

If you are already following your passions in life, then great!

However, if you are doing something simply because you were told you had to do it, then stop wasting time.

The day I realized that I wanted to make a real impact on the world and follow my dreams was the day that my life finally began.

I now feel like I am living a life full of meaning.

I am surrounded by loving and supportive people, where I was once being suffocated by abusive people.

I enjoy my work, where I once dreaded it.

I face each day with hope, instead of hopelessness.

Your time in the world is limited.

Don’t be afraid to go follow your dreams.

Love what you do.

Do what you love.

What will you be remembered for?


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