3rd and Final Post in the Quest For The Holy Grail.

I hope you have all had fun joining me on my Quest For the Holy Grail.

(If my stats this week are any indication, you have enjoyed these posts.)

Today will be my final post on this HOLY GRAIL series about finding lasting Peace and Happiness in your very own life.

It has been so much fun to have you along on this Quest with me, and I hope you will continue to join me each day as I explore the lessons of Hope and Faith that have forever changed my life in Beautiful and sometime Miraculous ways.

The theme of today’s Quest is this:

Don’t be afraid of becoming who you are.

That might seem like a totally redundant thing to suggest, but trust me…It is terrifying when you can finally feel yourself becoming powerful, especially if you have lived most of your life in the role of the victim like I had.

So that is why I knew that in order to give you all the tools necessary for you to discover your very own HOLY GRAIL, I needed to talk about

Shining your light into the world.


Know this: The minute you decide that you are going to become who you are meant to be in this world, is the moment you begin to soar.

Before you read any further I would really love to have you hear this song. I love Scott Stapp and this song was the inspiration for today’s post. 



We have all experienced the stinging pain of criticism.

Criticism stops us all at one time or another.

So here is my lesson on that… Learn to look at your critic as a person, NOT AS A GOD.

When we place critics in the proper perspective we can get on with our life’s mission.

Some nuggets of criticism may actually be valid and offered in love.

The only way to know the difference is to look within and pick out the kernel of truth within the comment.

Then when you can recognize the truth within the criticism…Correct your behavior and then continue to soar.


My next piece of advice today is this:

Refuse to be placed in a niche.

You are meant to have an impact on the world with your brilliance.

Shine without waiting for permission.

Those who are destined to receive it will see it.

As I have been writing these past three days I feel this desperate need to let you all know that we all have something special within us to bring to the world. I pray each day that we will all realize this and bring a great healing into our own lives, and thereby bring healing into our country, and then the world.

Please Don’t let your ‘special something’ die within you.

Do whatever is necessary to bring your gift to the world.


But here is a warning that you need to BEWARE of:

The people who you think will validate your gift will probably be the very ones who will let you down.

Don’t let them distinguish your light.

Shine on anyway.

Don’t become weary, or give up the good fight because just as I KNOW that there will be friends who will let you down…

I also know just as strongly that just when you think you can’t shine any longer, someone will cross your path and let you know that your light is not in vain.

Someone  WILL see your light and is grateful for it.

So each day make an effort to Encourage Yourself.

(This doodle was done by a very special friend that has came into my life and brought me many smiles! Thanks Shannon.;) )


Every day do something that brings you satisfaction and joy.

You have to recharge yourself so you can keep on being a light for others.

Don’t let your light burn out from overheating.

Know yourself. Know your brilliance.

Be secure in your brilliance.

Don’t bow to people who want you to beg them to allow you to shine.

Know that you are shining every day.

They can decide whether they are going to bask in your light or not.

My next tip is PLEASE, PLEASE, Don’t hate.

Don’t allow this emotion to take up residence in your heart. It will destroy your light faster than any other force on this planet.

Allow the thoughts of others to stay THEIRS. Don’t make it yours by allowing it to make you feel hate!

When you encounter opposition take a moment to think and see why it has entered your life.

Learn from it.

Maybe it’s something you need to correct.

Maybe not.

See it for what it is.

When you really see it, you can move on, and shine some more.

If you slip and fall and your light dims, don’t get discouraged. Keep shining and you will gain strength.

Let your light shine in the dungeon during your Quest.

Let your light shine as you walk through the desert during your journey.

Let your light shine regardless of what’s going on in your life.

Always be the light.

Be kind.

Be gentle.

Be confident.

Shine wherever you are.

Focus on your brilliance. Always do something every day to let your light shine. Know that your light shines far and wide. It shines in the valley. It shines from the mountaintop. It shines in common hours. Know that your light will be seen from wherever you are.

Take time to listen to what the voice within is telling you. You will save yourself much heartache if you listen.

Do what your inner voice tells you to do. You may not know where it will lead. But do it anyway. It is leading to glory.

Be courageous.

Being “A Keeper of the HOLY GRAIL” isn’t for wimps!



I would love to hear your thoughts..please share.

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