I have come to understand that in this world only two things exist:

You first need to get really clear about this one thing:

You CAN have an awesome life no matter where you start;

You just have to believe and do your part.

No circumstance determines your result.

I am living proof of the truth of that statement.

It took me a long time to learn that, but now it’s as much a part of me as my DNA.

I grew up in a very safe and loving family. I was the middle child of seven, but In my family of seven, I was also…the baby girl. So I always knew I was loved and never worried about my safety.
We lived in a small town where most of the 300 people there were relatives. So I had no idea how cruel the world could actually be.
So it was a huge shock to my system when I married my husband at such a young age and immediately found myself in an abusive marriage.
I spent years in that physically and emotionally damaging environment, and spending the majority of my time alone, I arrived at adulthood a very lonely, emotionally battered, financially challenged person with low confidence and almost no professional or personal skills.
The person I am today, after years of development, is a stark contrast to the “Me” I left behind.

There is no right or wrong way to live.

I have come to understand that in this world only two things exist:

1- Things that are in alignment with the life I desire.

2- Things that are out of alignment with the life I desire.

I spent my early adult years dreaming of a safer, happier place. One of the main reasons I was eventually able to create my new life is because I always held onto that destination I was dreaming of reaching someday. I kept on reaching back and allowing that dream to keep on pulling me forward.

I somehow knew that I could create a happy and fulfilling life if I just kept persevering and never lost faith.

Do you have a vision for where you want to go?

I spent a lot of time this weekend trying to compress over twenty years of learning and experience into a few small actionable steps that you could follow to create a beautiful life for yourself.

I wanted to give you a really great place to start combining your vision with action so that you could change YOUR world.

Here is what I came up with:

To have your dream life, there are really just

 things you need to DO.

And   that you need to BE.

Important action #: Connect with other people.

The best place to start connecting with others is by recognizing that each and every person that you will encounter will have something they can teach you.

So don’t hesitate to start a conversation with any person at any opportunity.

Everything I’ve learned, outside of school, was taught to me by a person who had experience in that area.

Financial success, communication skills, relationship skills, health, and many other topics were all things I learned from someone I connected with.

There is an abundant supply of people willing to share their strengths.


Important action # :

Make the right choices.

In order to achieve your dreams, your choices need to be in alignment with the ultimate vision you have for yourself.

Each decision you make can and should be measured against your dream destination.

One of the dreams I held for myself was the dream of a happy marriage.

So I made the decision to study Gods plan for marriage according to the bible.

I bought books, and CD’s written by various pastors and studied them for years.

I knew that if I was ever going to have a stable and secure marriage where I felt safe and completely loved, I first needed to become the kind of woman that a man of that quality would be attracted to.

So ask yourself often, “Does this decision take me closer to my dream or will it take me farther from it?”

You make decisions every day.
Remember that the wise choice is the one that supports your goals and dreams.


Important action #: Continue to grow your skills and knowledge.

I recently told my oldest son that the most brilliant industry around is the Computer, Phone and Gaming industry.

They are constantly upgrading their gadgets by tweaking a small detail in the design and then convincing us that we NEED the NEWEST device because of the upgrade.

We all go rushing out to purchase the newest phone or computer, even though the one we have is perfectly fine.

We should start to see ourselves that same way.

We should always be striving to become the upgraded, next best version of ourselves.

We will never know it all.

Growth is a HUGE piece of the puzzle when it comes to achieving happiness and emotional health.

Remember this:

What you learn isn’t as important as the fact that you continue to learn.

Study what excites you or what aligns with your goals.

That was the  things that I believe you need to DO in order to have your DREAM LIFE.

SO now here is the  thing you need to BE in order to have that DREAM LIFE:

Be you.

That is Absolutely     necessary to your happiness.

Being yourself will draw more people to you than any stunt you may attempt to perform while trying to display any other magnetizing characteristic.

Without 100% authenticity your stunts will be just that…STUNTS!

The thing I have discovered is this: Being “YOU” gives those around you permission to be “THEM”.

When they have permission to be themselves around you two things will happen.

1- they will feel a connection to you that will create a strong sense of loyalty to you and your dreams.

2- you will empower them to dream big too, and they will never forget that you believed in THEM.

I used to think I had to hide my flaws so people would like me.

I was terrified that if someone found out that I wasn’t perfect they would run away screaming…

But I now KNOW that being REAL and admitting my weaknesses is actually a very courageous act.

We can never receive help if we are to afraid to ask for it!

Now I know that accepting that I’m flawed and being authentic creates a connection with people that couldn’t be created if my imperfections weren’t apparent.

So there you have my 3 DO’s and 1 BE that will get you moving in the right direction toward your dreams.

Now Go be your most beautiful and audacious self today!


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      1. It is serving a purpose. I have made beautiful music, my kids have painted, and mom and I have talks there while we sew. I think the landscaping will be on hold until spring. The inside needs a few more touches. Thank you for askin😉

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