Angel wings

I have been thinking a lot lately about the word HOPE, and what it really means to me in my life.

As I pondered this question I realized that in the past 5 years I have learned to put my HOPE in the Lord more and more, and each time I take another step toward His Loving embrace, my life gets a little bit clearer and easier.

So this weekend I wanted to make something special to remind me about the things I am learning about HOPE.

For me I have really come to understand lately that we are not living for this life, but living for Eternity.

My life is a gift to the Lord, and as a mother I feel I have a responsibility to pass that truth along to my children.

So this project is for that very purpose.

I made these Angel Wings so I could hang them on the wall downstairs in the room where my children play so that each day they can be reminded to put their HOPE in Eternity, and not in this world.


I will give you pictures and a step by step description of the process I used to create these wings.

 And as a gift to my readers, anyone interested in making a set of their own can send me a self- addressed stamped envelope, and I will mail you a FREE set of the pattern so that you can make your very own Angel Wings.


angel wings 2

The first step was to trace a wing pattern onto a piece of cardboard.

My wings measure 31″ x 15″ ea. So the finished project with both wings measures 31″ x 32″.

Then cut them out with a really sharp exact-o knife.



angel wings







My next step was to paint them black.

The reason for this is because I want the finished wings to have a copper patina to them and black is the base color for that technique.

(But if you wanted your wings to look more like carved wood you would base coat the cardboard a cream color instead.)



angel wings 3






The third step was to trace the 25 different wings onto a foam core board and cut them out.

Once I had them all cut out I applied Locktite spray adhesive to both the cardboard frame and each individual wing piece to create a strong secure bond.


Step #4:

angel wings 4







Then I simply repeated step #3 on the other wing.

So now I have the wings all built and ready to paint.


Step #5:

angel wings 5







For this step I took a cheap chip brush

and lightly dry brushed white paint over the entire wing.

You can see that I have left quite a bit of the black showing through. This is very important if you want the copper look.

(But again if you are going for a carved wood look your wings should be a cream color so you will want to use a light yellow for this step instead of the white. This will form the base color for the wood.)


angel wings 6






Now that both wings are dry brushed with the white, I am now going to add a third layer of paint with the exact same Chip Brush ( don’t worry about washing out the white, just dip it in the turquoise paint and start adding it to the wing like I did in the picture above.

(If you are going for a wood look now you will add a layer of medium brown paint during this step. After you have added the medium brown, you could also add a bit of the turquoise if you like the look of it.)

angel wings 7








Here is the wing after the entire wing has been dry brushed with the turquoise paint.

Step# 7:

angel wings 8








This step actually has two steps to it. 🙂

The first thing you need to do now is to add your fourth layer of color onto the wings. You will dip your exact same brush into a lime green color and very lightly dry brush this onto just the spots where if they were really metal and had been outside would receive the most oxidation. You want most of the turquoise color to remain on the surface of the wings.

The next thing you will do is take a small round tip brush and add the feather detail to the wings like you can see in the picture above.

(for those of you doing the carved wood look, you will need to do this step also, but just use a dark brown or gray paint instead of the black to give your wings the detail.)


angel wings 13








Now we are at the step where we can finally add the copper color to the wings and really make them shimmer. For this step I used a copper metallic acrylic paint that you can get at any craft store. If you prefer the look of silver, or bronze you can use that color instead.

(For the wood looking wings you could also add the metallic paint if you want, or you can just gently reapply a little bit of white back over the browns to give them the weathered wood look.)

angel wings 11






Here are the wings with the five different layers of paint.

Step #9:

angel wings 14








This is the last step for decorating the wings.

I took a piece of copper foil and laid it over a cardboard heart that I had cut out.

I secured the heart to the center of the wings with E600 Glue 

Once the glue had dried I took my engraving tool and engraved the word HOPE in the center of the heart.

angel wings 15








Then just for a little extra added bling I tapped some decorative tacks into the copper heart.

After this all I needed to do was attach a wire hanger to the back and hang them on my wall.


I hope that they will be the perfect reminder for my family to live our lives for Eternity.

If you want to request a pattern just send a Self addressed stamped envelope to

Melanie Jensen


Orangeville, Ut.







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