A Parachute that is Carved Out of Rock Will Always Hit the Ground Before You Do!

My motto for a long time has been: Do not create drama AND Do not feed it.

That became my motto after my second divorce and I was left, ONCE AGAIN, to clean up the mess a person had carelessly made in my small children’s lives.
I was devastated by the fact that I had once again allowed a “DRAMA ADDICT” into my inner circle and put my innocent children in the line of fire once again.
I knew if I was ever going to successfully change the current state of my life, I had to make myself a promise to NEVER AGAIN ALLOW DRAMA ADDICTS NEAR ME or MY CHILDREN.

As I think about all the times in my life when I’ve either created drama or allowed myself to become entangled in someone else’s drama,

I have to wonder…


Or maybe the better question is – was I thinking at all?




And that to me is the heart of the matter.




I have come to understand that drama can only occur when you’re not paying close attention to what kinds of thoughts you’re entertaining.
It can only happen when the ego is in charge and you haven’t taken the time to step back and be the observer.

Because once you do that and analyze your thoughts and actions from an objective perspective, you can’t help but realize that engaging in drama is really a no-win situation.

This line of thinking has led me to ask myself several questions lately, such as:

#1: Why are we so addicted to drama anyway?
#2: Why do we put ourselves in positions that we know will add drama to our lives?
#3: Is it the instant gratification of a situation that feels really good at the time, even though you know it will cause pain and suffering to yourself and others in the long run?
#4: Is it always a conscious decision or do you make choices based on some subconscious message?
#5: Is it easier to live with drama than to create a life without it?

The sad reality that I have had to acknowledge in my life is this:

No matter what the answers to these questions are, the bottom line is that more often than not I KNOW when I’m creating or allowing drama and sometimes I still choose to do it anyway.
 The reason that I am so preoccupied with this subject at the moment is that it seems that this month the Universe seems determined to allow me the chance to once and for all purge my life of the drama.
I have been faced with temptation after temptation to partake in the drama of others this month already,
So I guess I will get to see just how committed I really am to abstaining from it in my life.
 The choices I am faced with could easily land me right smack dab in the middle of someone else’s bad choices once again.
But most of the time I’m trying to disengage from this thought process and spend more time focusing on all the beautiful things in my life right now.
If there is one thing I have come to understand through the experiences in my life it is this:
Drama has a way of sneaking up on you!
It will cause your head to spin with all kinds of negative thoughts and before you know it,
You’ve spent hours creating imaginary situations in your head of the worst possible outcome.
And once your in this metal space…it is HARD to get out!
We all have two choices in life.
We must make these two choices over and over all day long if we are ever going to successfully eliminate drama from our lives and those choices are:
#1: You can either choose to live in fear, worry and anxiety about what’s going to happen next.


#2: You can choose to be peaceful and happy and hold the space for good things to come to you.
When I find myself choosing fear, I ask myself another question: Why put yourself through pain, when you don’t even know what the outcome is yet.
I try really hard not to waste precious moments worrying about possible outcomes.
The more I choose to live my life with JOY, the more my life has become JOY-FULL.

 I know controlling your fears is easier said than done.

We have all been guilty of letting our thoughts and emotions get carried away sometimes, it’s human nature.
But when it gets to the point that all you’re doing is working yourself into a frenzy because of some potential negative outcome that may not even happen.
Your creating drama and that’s where you need to draw the line.

That’s when you need to take a step back, listen to the voice in your head objectively and become the observer.

We’re all going to have negative thoughts, and it’s next to impossible to stop them when they come…
The difference between becoming consumed with them or stepping outside the ego into a peaceful place is what will allow you to discover how you too can live your life free from drama.

It’s a conscious choice that you can decide to make.

The question is… will you eliminate the drama?
Will you continue to jump off the cliff wearing your ROCK PARACHUTE?

6 thoughts on “A Parachute that is Carved Out of Rock Will Always Hit the Ground Before You Do!

      1. Oh I will certainly pray. I was there once, and ended a friendship because of it. Stay strong and lean into the Lord. You know He will guide you and love you and give you the strength you need. I know His arms are reaching for you even now.

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