The many ways that I am like a tree!

Today I want to try and illustrate a point by sharing a story about a tree.
This story was told by Monica Da Maren.

When I read this story about the tree, I kept finding myself thinking, I understand… I know just how that tree felt.

So I will start today’s post with the story about this tree.

There once was a tree that began as a tiny little seed, but that seed had inner strength within it.
The tree knew that in order to grow big and tall it had to be dropped in soil,
hidden in darkness
and then struggle to break through the surface.


One day there was a terrifying storm brewing in the sky.
The little sapling, so small and delicate, discovers very quickly that it will have to face and survive horrific weather conditions:
rain storms,
heavy snow falls,
and even the deadliest…
being struck by lightning.

Although tiny, it had the strength to bend and not break.
Somehow it was able to endure whatever life has in store for it.
During it’s lifetime The tree did in fact go through all types of challenges.
But the tree survived all those challenges because it knew that In times of stress, trees do not grow beyond their ability to support themselves, they instead choose to shed leaves and branches in order to grow stronger.

So over the years, as this tree grew, it survived.
but it looked a little different from the rest.
Its trunk was cracked and split.
the woody branches looked injured.
but still it grew for many years to come.

The bark that protects the tree’s trunk was mostly now removed from humans carving and picking at it, leaving scars on it that will forever remain on the trunk for all to see.

But despite all this, its roots remained underground, extending three times the tree’s width, making sure it was well grounded.

The day finally arrived where the tree reached an age where it is able to flower and produce sweet fruit.

The humans began to come out of nowhere to water, love and hug the tree.

They began Giving it the very thing it needed so desperately to encourage it to grow for so long.

The people’s love for this tree reminded it why it was first planted there and needed to stay.
People needed this tree to breathe, as it produced pure oxygen and helped make for a more beautiful landscape.
Finally, the most important reason why this tree had such a purpose… to provide shade and shelter to the humans that stood beneath it.

For so many years I went through life standing tall and being a tree with my roots in the ground.


I was a forgotten and neglected treasure.

Image result for buried treasure


I had allowed the world to bury my roots so deep that nobody was able to see or even imagine the strength that I had hiding under the surface of the abused and battered woman that they saw every day.

For so many years I did nothing to improve myself or my life.
I just stood there, so to speak, and allowed the “storms” to keep adding layers of scars to my soul.

I cannot express the utter relief that I now feel on a daily basis now that I have broken through the surface of darkness that was piled on top of me.

I now know that I am ready to fight any storm that hits me.

I am ready to feel the sun shining on me and let the wind rustle the leaves on my branches loud enough to inspire others!

Not a day goes by that I don’t count my blessings to have certain people in my life who have led me to happiness. 

The love that Jeff so freely offers me and my sweet children is nothing short of miraculous in its healing powers.
He is helping us all to see that we are in fact, treasures that the world needs to know about.

For many years, I was stuck in negative beliefs about myself.

Those beliefs pulled me so deep into the ground that I couldn’t ever imagine that I would find the strength to break the surface or reach the sunlight.

I can remember feeling that I would remain stuck in a lifetime of darkness and would forever be shrouded in silence.

But just like the tree in the story, I have begun to flower and now receive all the things that I need to flourish.

I am now a cherished woman who is needed and loved, and I just wanted to take a moment and thank my sweet husband for all the love and support that he has provided.

I pray that I can continue to grow and produce sweet fruit that will nourish everyone who decides to share their life with me in whatever way we may communicate.

I pray that my words on this blog will inspire others to find the courage to break through the ground that is covering them and feel the sun once again on their faces and know that tomorrow is a brand new day!



I would love to hear your thoughts..please share.

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